Friday, January 25, 2013

56 acres and 400+ trees will be lost to FMCP projects

Information concerning three large projects proposed by private business interests, that threaten more than 50 acres of Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens, New York City.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for fighting to keep our park A Park.
Let's everyone turn up the heat on our city electeds...bring them to their knees.

Anonymous said...

Great video
Keep up the fight

Anonymous said...

Wow what an amazing job.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

This video is not about trees
It's an
About Queens getting screwed yet again
It's about parkland being stolen from the people
Mr, Centola is right this is a theft of our parkland

Great video
Very informative
Please save out park

Anonymous said...

Right on, Alfred!

Thank you for this excellent video!

Anonymous said...

"This video is not about trees"

It most certainly is about trees as well as land theft. Wake up, you can't breathe without trees.

Anonymous said...

Before Mr. Centola gets swallowed up by one of the worthless political parties-write him in for NYC Council next election. Write in is the only answer to what's going on in Queens.

Anonymous said...

This is an election issue, and must be understood by voters and candidates as such.

Jose Peralta is a primary cheerleader for this give-away of our parkland, while he also hopes to become Queens Borough President. He must be told in no uncertain terms: Unless you stop prostituting our park, you are not getting any votes. The office of Queens Borough President is not available to any candidate who will not uphold his or her responsibility to ensure that the public trust of parkland is respected, not trampled.

Ditto for the candidates for all other office, e.g. City Council. You're all on notice.

Anonymous said...

How in the hell are you going to fight:

1. the general ignorance and apathy of the Queens voter?

2. the for all intents and purposes non-existent civic culture in Queens?

3. a divided population comprised of clueless seniors, silly hipsters from Iowa (that dream about the taco menu at the soccer stadium), and immigrants that could not care less about this stuff and dream about a house with a backyard in Youngstown Ohio?

4. Pols that inspired the word "to tweed."

How in the hell are your half-assed half-hearted responses to THAT art they long ago perfected is going to do anything to stop them?

Once they come to some understanding with Citifield and USTA the local media will not even cover this.

Hell, even if you win, they will be back next year with something else and you will have to start all over again - this time with exhausted troops.

The time to stop this stuff, to borrow a page from the Occupy movement, is to start organizing a the grass roots level and hope they don't do too much damage over the next 5 - 10 years it will take to get your shit together.

Alan said...

Awesome video! Thanks Al and Robert. Keep up the GREAT work.

Anonymous said...

This guy has done more for the community than any of these candidates !

Mr. Centola please run!

Anonymous said...

This video is awesome on so many levels! Not only for its straightforward in-your-face message but also its courage at calling out, by name, the pols that are trying to sell us out.

I love the part where he speaks to the smiling photos of our lowlife pols as if they are sitting next to him on the bench.

And when he speaks about Hispanics in Spanish I looove that he mentioned Mayor Bloomberg. (intentional dig at the Mayor's hilarious attempt to speak his speeches en Espanol?).

Only thing that bothered me, which is only a minor quibble, is that he only showed people playing soccer in the park, as if that is the only activity the park is used for. But hey, it's winter.

Everyone needs to email or text the link to the video to a fellow resident in Queens so people can be informed about what's been going on. This is a good introduction to an issue that we should all be involved in.

Anonymous said...

anon 9: nice try slapping the local media as always, but why don't you google "queens chronicle" and "mls" and get a clue before you spout. Be sure to read their editorial against the project, and their exposes.

Anonymous said...

Here's a vote of support from a friend in Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing they showed people playing soccer because of the stadium proposal and the fact that the community doesn't necessarily want to watch rather than play.

It got the point across splendidly.

Thanks Robert and Alfredo

I am definitely going to write in Al Centola for the upcoming city council election if not mayoral.

Great video and thank you both.

Anonymous said...

"Queens Chronicle" and MLS comes up with this editorial: Kick off soccer, bench the casino

So they were for it before they were against it?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Chronicle was for it initially, until they learned more of the problematic details. Then they changed their position. At least they did that much.

And add me to the "great video" commenters.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an awesome video!

This should be a series on television!

Hope these guys come out with more.

Anonymous said...

Please have this video played on one of the NY public television stations .

Anonymous said...

What an amazing video. Straight and to the points. No bullshit.
At least you know this group isn't out there to cut a deal like some of the other groups out there.
Ask them after a presentation if they are willing to accept any of the proposals and listen carefully for the spin.

Go Loscalzo
Go Centola

Keeping it honest and real.

Anonymous said...

Hope the media outlets pick this up and run with it

FluShing Rezident said...

Wow - what a great job!!!

It is so refreshing to hear a well thought-out, well executed argument that I wholeheartedly agree with!

I agree with a previous commenter - we should form an Occupy FMCP movement!

Let's start with something easy - please send this to everyone you know - let's make it go viral! Wouldn't that be a nice slap in the face to these local pols!

And once again, Tony Avella is the ONLY politician supporting the people, as opposed to corrupt developers and business interests.

Thank you Al! Where do we sign up to help?

And thank you, Crappy, for providing a forum for people who still care about this sad, neglected place.

Anonymous said...

To those who say "please run Alfredo" Are you listening? Write the guy in, you dont need parties in NYC, wake up!

Anonymous said...

Let's all call Tony Avella's office and ask him to organize a protest.
Let's take it to the streets and try to get some media attention.
Let's Go Queens Crap !

Anonymous said...

In your face honesty I LOVE IT!!!!!

Jerry Rotondi said...

Centola is exactly the kind of video vigilante that we need to expose Queens' scheming pols, and there are plenty of them!

Bravo, Alberto!

I look forward to your next production.

Shine a light in the dark corner, and catch these roaches at work, undermining our neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Jerry his names Alfredo Lets not forget Robert Loscalzo what an awesome production.

These guys should be picked up on one of the major news outlets and do a regular series.

Anonymous said...

Petition link.

Anonymous said...

When is the rally going to be held?

Jerry Rotondi said...

OOPS--my bad!

I was too busy being overwhelmed
by the impact of the video.


You're a team that really scores big