Monday, January 14, 2013

So much for that

From the Daily News:

Two-thirds of the storm-ravaged buildings whose owners sought help from Mayor Bloomberg’s Rapid Repair program are still not fixed — two months after Hurricane Sandy hit, the Daily News has learned.

With registration set to end Monday, Rapid Repairs has completed work on only 4,216 of the 12,555 buildings enrolled in Rapid Repairs — just one in three.

“Work has begun on another 2,506, with another 5,833 remaining,” Peter Spencer, spokesman for the Mayor’s Office of Housing Recovery, said Friday.

Eleven days after the storm, Mayor Bloomberg announced Rapid Repairs — a $500 million, first-of-a-kind effort to quickly restore power and heat to homes devastated by Sandy. “In the neighborhoods hardest hit by Sandy, homeowners need help fixing their homes — and they need it now,” the mayor declared.

The city agreed to pay contractors to assess the damage and get power, heat and hot water back up and running right away. Within 10 days, 6,000 homeowners had enrolled.
More than two months later, thousands of homeowners are still waiting. The city hired Tishman to assess damage, but many homeowners complained the firm wound up doing repeat assessments and losing paperwork while no actual work was done.


Anonymous said...

did not obama promise a fifteen minute wait for help from his government ,in N.J./N.Y.C at his photo op, prior to flying to Las Vegas ?

Anonymous said...

So once again people relied on (unreliable) government to fix their problems, rather than use their own common sense, and initiative. Of course city government failed them, isn't this the whole point of this blog? Why is this a surprise to anyone?

Anonymous said...

Bush's fault /sarc

Anonymous said...

misspelled "rabid weep pairs"