Friday, January 25, 2013

Contaminated Whitestone soil came from Brooklyn

From the Times Ledger:

Months after a state agency fined two companies working on a brownfield site in Whitestone for importing unauthorized soil onto the property where a high-end residential development is planned, TimesLedger Newspapers has learned that some of the soil in question came from a former Superfund site.

The property in question is called Waterpointe, a proposed development of expensive homes near the corner of 6th Road and 151st Place.

...well before Edgestone acquired the property, additional soil was dumped on top of the DEC-approved material under Barone and EBI’s watch. This eventually led the agency to fine the two companies a total of $150,000, half of which will be nixed if the problems are corrected, and prompted a cleanup of the unauthorized material. Some of that material included soil from a former electroplating facility in Brooklyn, Gordon said Tuesday night.

Documents obtained from the DEC via a Freedom of Information Law request showed that the soil she was referring to came from 154 N. 7th St. in Brooklyn.

That is the same address where in 1997 a company called All Plating Corp. was abandoned and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency later cleaned up leaking hazardous materials under its Superfund program, according to the EPA. A Superfund site is a hazardous waste site that poses harm to surrounding communities and is cleaned up under the EPA.

In two instances, Barone told TimesLedger Newspapers that the fine from DEC and subsequent required cleanup were due to a paperwork error. In essence, Barone Management and EBI did not do enough testing on the material it brought in to satisfy DEC requirements, he said.

A new environmental company overseeing the site estimated that removing the unauthorized material would take between weeks and months and would cost at least about $500,000.


Anonymous said...

Those mafia connected companies keep messin with us.

Anonymous said...

Guess ol' Rudy didn't do quite as thorough a job of cleaning up the badabingers as we'd been led to believe. Makes one wonder what's under those brand spankin' new soccer fields over by Western Beef.Fuhgeddaboutit!

Anonymous said...

Is there a direct Barone-Vallone connection here?

Anonymous said...

Illegal toxic soil

Maybe it's time to dump
that whole incumbent crew at CB7 and start anew!

Let's put Chuck Apelian to the question.
He's very tight with the Vallones, isn't he?

Did Chuck know what was going on between (???) Barone & Vallone (???) but kept it all on the QT?

"Calling all cars...calling all G men".
The FBI needs to get involved here, and pronto!

There''s more than contaminated dirt buried here.
Maybe you've got "La Cosa Nostra, The Mafia, The Mob"connected to some local government officials.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yep and the Vallonians are the lobbyists!

Anonymous said...

Hey Al and Robert why don't you guys doing piece on this?

Anonymous said...

"Makes one wonder what's under those brand spankin' new soccer fields over by Western Beef.Fuhgeddaboutit!"

You don't have to wonder.
It's not soil at all, it's a
40 million gallon sewage/stormwater holding tank.

Anonymous said...

Is Kelty sitting on one chair or two?

Blackbeard said...

I've seen handsomer looking pirate crews
than those scurvy scallywags at CB#7!

Did the have to pull Kelty from his barrel of rum to attend this meeting?

Anonymous said...

This is CLEARLY an Italian job,
and I do not mean the movie!

The Vallones think that they're untouchable.

Maybe it's time for the real "Untouchables"
to take on la famiglia!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, here we go with the mafia stereotypes. How come anytime someone with an Italian last name achieves some success, he’s in the mafia?!?

It’s amazing how a certain faction of the people on this board, who are supposed to be “community minded”, immediately revert to racial and ethnic slurs and stereotypes.

Barone is Italian, so he must be in the mafia with also Italian Vallone. Gene Kelty is Irish, therefore he’s a drunk, as one posted above noted “he needed to be pulled from his barrel of rum”.

You know what, I guess that guy Obama in the White House got there by selling crack and stolen car stereos.

The whole lot of you really need to find something productive to do with your lives.

Oh- before it comes, here’s another stereotype prediction- since I have Anonymously posted in objection to the comments above, it will be construed that I am a Barone/Vallone supporter, therefore the participants on this board with immediately accuse me of being affiliated with them. I guess that means I’m a gangster!! Cool, I always wanted a fancy nickname- call me “Vinny the fish”, or maybe “Jimmy the lizard”- Just DON’T call me a bitter, spiteful, hatemonger like the posters spewing filth above.

Anonymous said...

The Vallones are their own breed of gangster, they don't need the established mafia.

And have you ever seen Kelty at a party? It's not a stereotype, it's the truth.