Monday, January 28, 2013

Avella formally announces Queens BP candidacy


Anonymous said...

Way to go Tony !

FluShing Rezident said...

Tony is a great guy! The only honest politico in all of NY!

Jerry Rotondi said...

There are those of you who might remember me for my work in trying to preserve the historic RKO Keith's Flushing Theatre, as a valuable community resource.

I've also served on the board of trustees of the Queens Historical Society and the Fort Totten Conservancy Inc.

Many years ago, I worked with The Queensboro Preservation League and Coalition For A Planned Flushing Inc. as well.

I'm certainly not here to blow my own horn.

I'm here to support Tony Avella as the only candidate that will serve Queens' best interests at borough hall. He gets my vote and my donation check.

Queens is a borough of neighborhoods,
but for too long, borough hall has been in the business of neighborhood busting.

They have supported the over development of neighborhoods that couldn't handle it.

Let me make this very clear from the start--
I am not anti development! per se.

I'm for sensible development, balanced with neighborhood preservation.

Tony Avella has been on the side of Queens' neighborhood residents from the get-go.

He is and has always been a man of the people.
He has never served as a the hand maiden of
the real estate industry, like two of his running mates have.

The choice is yours voters.

Do you want your next borough president to disregard the needs of your neighborhood, or do you want the needs of your neighborhood served well?

Examine the candidates' records, not their press releases, then choose wisely!

Joe Moretti said...

Yes, finally someone who actually cares about Queens, its neighborhoods and fights for the people as opposed to the greedy developers. None of the status quo rogue gallery "playas" stand a chance including my councilman Leroy Comrie, because none of them have done anything to help Queens or fight for the people. Way to go TONY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wadda ya got out there?

The Vallone political mafiosi
already own too much of our borough as it is.
Katz will turn Queens into a developer's litter box.
Grodenchik is a just another hand-me-down lackluster "yes" man.
Then there's the others...yawn...gag.


He is the best insurance policy
you can safeguard the value of your most important investment...your home and your nabe.

Tony is blue chip! All of the rest are junk bonds!

Anonymous said...

Tony's the only honest poltician I've ever met in my entrie life.

That's a really SAD fucking fact, but it's true. So I'm not gonna' let this moment slip away, where we have a chance to get the man into an office where he can affect some honest change into our otherwise corrupt system.

So... everybody, get out there and write Tony a check. Don't squander this chance. When do we ever get an opportunity like this around here?
C'mon people...

Tony Avella for Queens Borough President.

Anonymous said...

You can have the Vallone Vallone and Vallone (lobbyist ) for queens.

It you can have the Avella Centola team.

Easy choice if you ask me

Anonymous said...

It's official.

Queens Crap has joined the ranks of
Fox News and MSNBC.

Fair and balanced?

Shame on you for selling out.

Queens Crapper said...

Who have I sold out to? If I had video of other candidates' announcements, I'd post those, too. I didn't even put any commentary on this post.

Anonymous said...

You guys will vote for this clown, he will sell you out and you will whine and complain.

It never ceases to fail.

There is no such thing as an "honest" politician.

Anonymous said...

It's official.

Queens Crap has joined the ranks of
Fox News and MSNBC.

Fair and balanced?

Shame on you for selling out.

Oh look! A paranoid troll!!!

Queens Crapper said...

How did he sell us out during his terms on the City Council and State Senate?

Anonymous said...

The trolls are getting antsy...must be because some other political folk are getting nervous.

Avella being elected to BP could upend a whole lotta graft and patronage that's been grinding away at Borough Hall for decades, if not generations.

If I were in on that gravy train, I'd be trying to stop Avella as well.


Anonymous said...

I watch them all especially the ones I voted for and/or campaigned for.

As far as Tony not getting along with some Council members - I didn't either and now they are in jail or are under investigation, Shame on us.

Anonymous said...

Tony would make a good BP, but what a loss in the State Senate if he leaves and it's doubtful that Alfredo Centola would run.

Anonymous said...

Fox and MSNBC? Selling out?


How about commenting on the race? Or just come back when you're sober.

Anonymous said...

is Avella on the wrong side of the nys "fracking for shale oil/natural gas " issue ? which side is falsifying facts?

does nys unemployed need the work?

Anonymous said...

one wonders which Queens B.P. candidate will campaign for more jobs in this nys depression, and support the new pro-fracking documentary "FRACKNATION" being aired on AXS TV ?

Anonymous said...

Hey Gramps...once our water supply is messed up, we're in big trouble. Avella is right to tread cautiously on the issue.

Anonymous said...

Everyone said that Obama didn't have a chance,
and that he CERTAINLY didn't have a chance to win a second term as president.

And there you have it...TWO TERMS!

The times they are a changin', and
you frightened trolls are still working the same old game!

Olde tyme grafters and crooked pols are being examined more carefully by much more savvy voters these days.

They know a phony baloney when they spot one.

Vallone and Katz must be shitting their pants that Tony WILL win!

The rest of the contenders aren't even worth mentioning.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're full of natural gas fella, so why bring up fracking? You could light up my block with methane!

We're talking about how boro hall has been doing some of its own kind of fracking, by fucking us all for years!

Anonymous said...

Vallonia or a Katz litter box?
What Queens becomes is up to you.
Send your campaign contributions to Tony, today.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that shady carpet dealer Chuck Apelian is behind some of the criticism running here.

He knows that when Tony gets elected,
"follow the buck" Chuck will be the first one to be chucked from CB#7!

Anonymous said...



The Astoria Avenger said...

Name me another "honest" candidate in this race?
Hacks and crooks are all I see besides Avella!

The Vallones have sold out Astoria to developers.
Do you want your neighborhood to be next?

Anonymous said...

Melinda Katz...
she carried Curtis Sliwa's child....ruined Forest hills...just resigned from one of the biggest real estate lobbying firms in New York to run for beep!

I guess she thought that we wouldn't notice that she was a lobbyist.

Now this pasty faced (lesbian?bisexual?) wants to be queen of boro hall?

What "sterling" character!

Anonymous said...

Avella is not perfect--no politician is-- but his track record is impressive and his agenda so far seems to strike the right tone for Queens in 2013.

For all of you who are content to be a confirmed cynic and paint all politicians with one stripe--you are entitled to your opinions. But don't go complaining about how bad things are when you are not participating in the betterment of society.

JP said...

If we don't vote for Tony Avella we deserve what we get.This guy has proving he should be elected to Borough president.
He's got my support and for the first time I will be sending a donation to a politician in New York City.

Anonymous said...

are anti-frackers LOW INFORMATION VOTERS ....also ?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 29:

No, Gramps. "Low Information Voters" are the guys who endlessly troll away with the right-wing cliches that Fox "News" and Rush Limbaugh program into their heads without thinking about them, and whether or not it has anything to do with what's being discussed.

Stay on topic for a change?

Anonymous said...

Ill vote for tony,but i'd rather be able to vote to abolish this office.........

Anonymous said...

is this group of future Queens candidates going to support industries that provide jobs for the nys unemployed ?

is this not a priority during this depression ?

many of us have family members who have been unemployed or underemployed since 2009.

this problem is not "right" or "jeft" wing.

Anonymous said...

the tired old JOB CREATION ploy is pulled out again.

What has borough hall offered us besides HAND JOBS and lip service?

After "Citi Field" was completed where did the jobs go? THEY WERE TEMPORARY!

I see we have some construction worker trolls posting now...for the real estate industry's lobbyist-candidates, Vallone & Katz.

Anonymous said...

Uh..."jeft" wing?
Learn to spell properly and capitalize certain words.

We are not actually in an economic "depression'.

We are experiencing what's being called, "The Great Recession"...but what does that matter?

I have family members that have been moving around like Gypsies, from one temporary job to another.

Life can be difficult, and that's why we need a borough president who isn't a thief!

Anonymous said...

An awful lot of comments here....
an awful lot of trolls who are afraid of Tony's chances of

Keep up the BS. It's good for morale!

As Groucho might sing,
"Vallonia...balonia...I'd rather live in Caledonia"!

Waz up, Adam....fall off your toadstool?

Anonymous said...

"Jeft" Wing?

Anonymous said...

What a beeping beep!

Anonymous said...

There's no need for Boro President's. It's a waste of Taxpayers $$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Vote for Katz and watch Queens go to the dogs...............

Anonymous said...

the commenters who divert and ridicule are followers of the tactics espoused by Saul Alinsky in his "RULES FOR RADICALS".

do not be duped by them.

Anonymous said...

I vote to keep Helen for another 4 years to give here more time to finish a sentence.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 40:

LOL, Gramps!!!

You, who changes the topic and uses ridicule more than anyone else here (cases in point: bringing up fracking in a discussion of the campaign for Queens Borough President - any fracking proposed for Queens? - and calling people who didn't vote the way you liked "LOW INFORMATION VOTERS") complaining about being ridiculed and someone changing the subject.

Is not your hypocrisy grand?

Anonymous said...

recession is when your neighbor is unemployed, depression is when YOU are unemployed.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Just about every real estate developer that I've ever heard speak, has espoused "job creation" as a "benefit" of ruining a neighborhood.

They are far worse LIARS than most politicians are.

We work at our jobs, to enable us to live in the neighborhoods that we enjoy living in.

We do not toil from 9 to 5, just to see them destroyed!