Sunday, January 27, 2013

BSA shoots down parking plan!

From the Times Ledger:

The city has shot down a grocer’s plan to put a parking lot on the roof of his store in parking-starved downtown Flushing.

The owners of New York Mart, at the corner of Bowne Street and Roosevelt Avenue, sought permission from the city to turn their roof into a lot that would hold 49 cars. But the city Board of Standards and Appeals recently denied the request, TimesLedger Newspapers learned.

The BSA confirmed that the application had been denied, but has not yet written a report detailing the reasons for turning down the application, known as a special permit. Palatnik said his client is considering all options in the wake of the decision. One of those options would be to appeal the BSA’s ruling, according to board policy.

In October, the owners presented plans to CB 7, which voted to approve the application on several conditions.

The application was then approved by Borough President Helen Marshall before moving on to the BSA.


Anonymous said...

There is literally a dirty Chinese grocery store every other block in Flushing — who is going to drive and park to this one?

They all run through the streets with their red plastic shopping bags in search of bok choy and seafood that smells like it was fished out of Flushing bay on a humid summer day. No one is driving to this place.

I'm sure it's just a rent-a-spot money making scheme. Thank God it wasn't approved.

Anonymous said...

They need to hire an architect with connections to BSA

Anonymous said...

Dirty grocery store ?

I love how dirty chuck and gene engineered the approval with " conditions "

Jerry Rotondi said...

Here we go again,
voted for another hare brained plan!

It's time to bring a new UMNMARKED
deck of cards to the table.

CB#7 has been playing with the same old deck for too damn long!

Anonymous said...

CB#7 has been playing with the same old deck for too damn long!

True that...and sadly, the deck is made up of all jokers!!!

Anonymous said...

I smell a printing contract in it for Chuck Apelian's company, "Prestone"!

He tried to muscle TDC Rockefeller ("Flushing Commons project) into one but they refused his services!


Anonymous said...

They'll get their rooftop parking. Believe me, they will.

Anonymous said...

Does it really matter?

Flushing is a Chinese colony...complete with it own set of rules and regulations which run contrary to NYC law.

But NOBODY wants to "OFFEND" the Asians.

Where else will politicians find such a rich source campaign contributions that they've been getting all these years?

retired Congressman Ackerman.

The Flushing Phantom said...

Woefully corrupt CB#7...
with developers' best interests at heart!

Hello, Chuck & Gene!