Monday, January 21, 2013

John Liu: Twice a liar

From the NY Post:

John Liu hasn’t officially announced, but he’s already recycling an old — and debunked — tale about working in a sweatshop while growing up in Queens.

In a video released for his recent birthday, Liu put it this way: “My mom worked for a long time in a garment factory, and when I was seven I got my first job working in the same garment factory, and I learned first-hand why they called the place a sweatshop.”

The last time he used this story was in his successful 2009 race for city comptroller. The recycling of this tear-jerker is a signal that he now has his eye on Gracie Mansion.

Don’t go reaching for the Kleenex, either. Liu’s own mom says the story is fiction.

After Liu began blanketing the airwaves with his startling claim four years ago (“By seven, I had to work in a sweatshop to make ends meet”), his mother corrected him.

“I never go to the factory,” she told a reporter. “I just go there and pick up some material and bring home, because I had to take care of my kids.” She says John used to help her with garment work back at home to earn a few extra dollars.

That was New York’s bizarre introduction to John Liu. Soon, voters will likely be asked to consider him as a candidate for mayor. What does it say that he’s repeating a tale his own mother says is a lie?

Maybe he hopes that if he tells a story often enough, voters will simply believe him.

Maybe he’s a bit confused in the head.

Whatever the case, Liu may want to figure out his own past before he asks New Yorkers to trust him with their future.


Anonymous said...

Did Liu's parents OWN that sweat shop and that building that housed it in LIC, where John got his fond memories?

That's much more likely.
His family was very well off when they lived in Taiwan.
They had a nice house and servants.

Anonymous said...

At least his mother seems to be honest. Too bad Johnny doesn't take after her...

Anonymous said...

He is such a pompous ass with a huge ego. I can't really imagine any scenario he wins, unless the Democratic field totally implodes and run inept campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Only twice???

Anonymous said...

Pompous Ass does not fit with John Liu. Buffoon works better.

Liu is a bald faced liar. The son of a bank thief may have an honest mother but not an honest father.

Liu lives the dream of "Ask what your country can do for you, Ask NOT what you can do for your country."

As another poster said I don't think he's running for Mayor, I think he's running for matching funds to pay lawyers.

The rest of America (except total deadbeats) are expected to pay for their own lawyers.

John doesn't believe in acting like the rest of America, he wants to take stuff from Americans.

I look forward to the perp walk, and to Feb 4th when the trial of his campaign aids begins.

Tick, tick , tick.....

Anonymous said...

With that story, he could run for President.

Anonymous said...

His political career ends with this election.

Anonymous said...

Liu isn't the only lying Oriental crook we've had to deal with. It's funny how the rest of them, like his cousin Tommy Huang, all seem to be Taiwanese immigrants.

The Flushing Phantom said...

John Liu's political career has already ended...
long before the upcoming election.

He's just building up his legal defense fund treasury.

Liu's lawyers will be the ones, who will be coming out of this "race" as the winners!

Anonymous said...

Wah, wah, wah...poor little immigrant.

Nobody is buying Liu's sweat shop sob story...
the least of which is the FBI.

Anonymous said...

Whose ass did Johnny just pull his thumb out of?

Anonymous said...

could you photoshop this picture to give John Liu a brown nose and green thumb?

His imitation of Ed Koch's "How am I doing?"
is hilarious!

Really it's more like,
"Who am I doing" and for "How much"?

Anonymous said...

The building that sweat shop was in...that little lying Liu said he had worked in as a boy...was partially owned by his daddy and convicted criminal Joseph Liu.

"The 7 Giants Realty Company" owned it.

Joseph Liu, Lung Fong Chen (Tommy Huang's attorney), Shuman Tu, etc. were partners in the firm.