Sunday, January 27, 2013

LIRR fence fix needed

From the Times Newsweekly:

Children in Elmhurst have been taking advantage of a hole in a fence across nearby Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) tracks, according to a local resident—and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has informed the Times Newsweekly that it is investigating the hazardous condition.

Elmhurst resident Paul Neuendorf, who lives near the fencing, contacted the Times Newsweekly regarding an 80-foot hole in the fence separating the south end of the street at 45th Avenue and 90th Street from the railroad tracks which he claims has existed since October 2012.

The tracks are part of the LIRR’s Port Washington branch; in fact, the old Elmhurst station, which closed in 1985, is two blocks west of the location.

“We have a chronic condition of kids running on the tracks,” Neuendorf stated.

He noted that those youngsters include students from Newtown High

-CONTINUED FROM PG. 1- School, located only a few blocks south of the location.

Neuendorf claimed that Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) representatives had been notified of the hole several times, yet the agency has yet to make repairs.


Joe said...

I have a better idea.
How about all the illegal alien parents watch and discipline there feral rats ?

A fence wont do anything since the gangs and brats will just make holes.
To add I'm told there are only 2 LIRR police to cover that whole line from the tunnel to the Nassau county border.

Anonymous said...

It's all fun and games until someone dies.

Ned said...

Fences, more controls and laws don't do squat aside raise taxes, LIRR fares and make the corrupt city government bigger. The stupid will just find new ways to be stupid.

This island has had over 1000 miles of un-fenced ground track since the mid 1800's, electrified since the late 40's.
The county has had guns since the 1700’s, automatic guns since the 1920's
Why is all this stuff abruptly a big dilemma now ?
A: Because parents are useless and kids are injudicious jackasses today, why is that ?
If New York City doesn't want stupid kids stop re-electing the boss Tweeds and morons inviting all this low class sanctuary garbage here !!
Till then let them get taken out by locomotives, less future welfare recipients to deal with !!
They don't have many issues like this in states like N Carolina, Texas and Utah because they arrest and jail both the kids and parents.
The kids here in NYC know they can get away with crap. Here in NYC is backwards. Bloomberg and his puppet Battery park tower police commissioner need to take the handcuffs of the cops and let them do their jobs !


Anonymous said...

Let thm play under adult supervision.