Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Smoking gun?

From the NY Times:

A senior aide to John C. Liu, the New York City comptroller, solicited campaign donations on his behalf from friends and family members and offered to reimburse them, according to statements by a lawyer and a prosecutor on Tuesday in Federal District Court in Manhattan.

The aide, Sharon Lee, who once served as press secretary for the comptroller’s office, is expected to testify for the government under an order of immunity at the trial next week of Mr. Liu’s former campaign treasurer, Jia Hou, a federal prosecutor said in court.

Ms. Hou and a co-defendant, Xing Wu Pan, a former fund-raiser, have been charged with conspiring to defraud the city by using so-called straw donors on behalf of Mr. Liu’s campaign. In such a scheme, people contribute to a candidate with money reimbursed by others.

In the case of Ms. Lee’s solicitations, only one person, her mother, made a donation, and she was not reimbursed, according to a letter to the judge from Ms. Hou’s lawyer.

Ms. Lee, who still works for the comptroller’s office in a research and liaison role, has not been charged with a crime. Her lawyer, Andrew M. Lankler, declined to comment.


Anonymous said...

The John Liu andTommy Huang family connection might finally be exposed!

One thing that John and daddy Liu seem to have in common, is that they both like stealing money!

Joe stole his loot by defrauding Great Eastern Bank depositors (and investors?).

John stole from New York City (the matching funds program).

He also stole the votes of many ignorant voters!
There is only one penalty befitting a thief...JAIL!

As the FBI keeps on squeezing....more people will be prosecuted.

The money trail will, no doubt, lead back to Taiwan.

Foreign money has been steadily flowing into the bank accounts many of our crooked officials since the late 1970s when it first began.

It looks like that pipeline will be finally capped.

Anonymous said...

That must be an old photo of Liu.

He looks confident...not so with recent ones...where he looks tense and beaten.

Hang the Oriental pirate at Execution Dock!

Anonymous said...

The rats are deserting the sinking ship,
and giving up their crooked captain!

Let's see who else they give up to avoid prosecution!

Little by little the fortune cookie crumbles!

Confucious say, "Chicken come home to roost".

The Flushing Phantom said...


Start working on some plea bargaining John.

Give up "Mr. Big", who pulls your strings.
and the feds might cut you a deal.

The question still remains...WHO IS "MR. BIG"?
Liu is just a small fry.

Anonymous said...

If John Liu has taken penny one from foreign sources he needs to spend 20 years in jail.

So far I have not seen any proof that this is the case but the fact that his campaign has already "returned" 10K is indicative of guilt. The fact that it's unclear to whom the 10K could be returned since it was reported incorrectly is indicative of guilt.

This is certainly a fun time. I hope that the trial takes weeks and weeks.


Anonymous said...


Don't worry, Johnny will meet Mr. Big in prison - and that will give new meaning to "going down."

Anonymous said...

the Asian "MONEY TREES" when exposed always leave the country.never a conviction .

ask the W.J. and H.R. Clinton duo of the 1990's

Anonymous said...

Don't get your hopes up guys. Team Liu is going to play the "plausible deniability" card.

Anyone know anything about the judge in this case?

Anonymous said...

The last poster is correct. However after the trial if there is a conviction the two defendants will be getting PRISON sentences.

I am confident that this may cause the two to re-think the no-snitch policy.

I hope this lasts for a long time, it's so fun!


Anonymous said...

Clinton and Liu both used the same bundlers!
Wasn't it Norman Hsu who is currently in prison?

The feds grabbed Norman in California trying to leave the country.

There had been a warrant out on Hsu for about a year prior to his arrest, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Who needs a daytime soap opera?

The John Liu show has me on the edge
of my seat.

Tick, tick, tick....and now a word from our sponsor.

Anonymous said...

Gary Ackerman bailed out just in time.
Maybe the money trail runs right through his house.

Michael Nussbaum had better pack his bags.
Maybe he's dirty too...with all of his Asian connections!

Anonymous said...

Little by little
it's all unraveling like a badly knit sweater.

Keep pulling at he threads, and follow the yarn back to the big ball of wool.

There the feds will find, "Mr. Big".
Most likely he resides overseas in Taipei.

Anonymous said...

#10 Norman Hsu bundled for most of the candidates eg. Obama ,H.R.C, Liu etc. about 90 dems. total.

but he was convicted of embezzling hundreds of millions from a private businessman from L.I. and then giving plenty to the dems. he is doing about 25 years in Fed. prison.

many dems. claim they gave some of the $$$$ to charity ?

Anonymous said...

No doubt that the Asian money fountain was visited often by the Democrats.

Republicans have another source for money which is just as nasty...big time corporate America!

Vote for either party and get screwed from both ends!

Election reform is long overdue.

Anonymous said...

voter I.D. is a insure a honest result in elections.

if the donor is adhering to the campaign finance law in the U.S. , one has no problem who donates to a politician.

informed citizens can achieve good government,if they scrutinize the sometime biased and liar media.