Monday, January 28, 2013

Cuomo vs. Silver on casino in Queens

From the Queens Chronicle:

Gov. Cuomo reiterated his support for full casino gaming — including table games — in New York State, but under the plan he outlined in this week’s State of the State speech, Queens residents will have to drive a good long while on the Thruway to get to roll real dice at a real craps table or sit with an actual blackjack dealer.

In his speech, Cuomo said the idea behind limiting full gaming to upstate is to boost tourism and economic development in upstate counties, while New York City already has 50 million tourists a year. Under his plan, up to three casinos would open to full gaming in upstate counties should the state Legislature and New York voters approve a constitutional amendment to allow table games.

“I believe casinos in upstate New York could be a great magnet to bring the New York City traffic up,” he said. “They now go to New Jersey, they go to Connecticut — why don’t we bring them to upstate New York?”

The plan was unveiled as piece of a larger part of the governor’s agenda that focused on economic development upstate, including promoting New York agriculture and farming and opening the Adirondacks to a national whitewater rafting competition.

But legislators who represent the communities near Resorts World Casino New York City — the only casino in the five boroughs — said the plan to not allow full casino gambling at Aqueduct Racetrack will prevent much-needed jobs and tourism from coming to Queens.

From the NY Times:

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said Thursday that he was open to a Las Vegas-style casino in some parts of New York City, as he continued to soften his opposition to the idea of casino development within the five boroughs.

Mr. Silver, a Manhattan Democrat, said he remained opposed to a casino with table games in Manhattan, but would be open to the idea in other areas of the city, specifically naming Coney Island and Willets Point, as well as the Aqueduct racetrack — sites that he has reportedly been considering for some time.

He also said Thursday that the Legislature wanted to have a say in the siting of any full-scale casinos, challenging a plan by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to put the power in the hands of a new gambling commission.

“The Legislature would like to have a role in geographic selection,” he said in comments outside his Albany office.

Mr. Silver has historically been the biggest opponent of casino gambling in New York City, and has been reluctant to consider casino development even on the city’s fringes. But his tone has been moderating over the last several months.


Anonymous said...

Casino gambling is a tax on the stupid. It's also, like the lottery, a fine example of the government's hypocrisy - illegal - until we can figure out how to tax it and grant monopolies to our friends to run it.

The mystery with these things is figuring out Silver's angle - why would he oppose anything the increases revenue for the state? Does he do this to get some unrelated concession from Andrew?

Anonymous said...

I think Silver--and Cuomo--are prepared to sink the potential for a fracking boom in NY state. I think it's a preemptive attempt to appease the upstate constituency (and state lawmakers) when the governor decides to nix it. These idiots in government don't have any better ideas to raise revenue other than casinos. They know that tax increases are hugely unpopular, so they are desperate for something.

And what about the Native American casinos? They surely won't be happy about any competition.

Jerry Rotondi said...

A posh casino in a restored RKO Flushing Keith's Theater would have been a better option back in the day--before it was sacked by barbarians--
the Shul-Manes administration and their Flushing "bad-boy" Tommy Huang!

What a draw! What a convenient location for gaming.

There could have even been a grand hotel built above it, like they did with the Palace Theater in Times Square.

But, alas, such a lack of imagination abounds!

Any ideas to contribute on this notion of mine--
CB7 Chairman Kelty--Mr. Apelian--anyone?

Isn't it time that NYC seized this property under eminent domain--perhaps--and put it to some good public use?

This poor building has been passed around like a $2 whore among 3 owners so far.

The (real estate) cattle drive is over. Let's elevate this misused harlot to a higher purpose.

You all know how to contact me for some serious discussion.

Jerry Rotondi said...

The gaming revenues could go into Flushing.

Jerry Rotondi said...

I feel that I've given "my all",
and I don't hear my phone ringing yet.

I guess that Community Board 7 doesn't give a fig anymore about the Keith's Theater! Does anyone?

Maybe it will all just go away after 2 aspirin, a Motrin, and a good night's sleep.

Maybe I should call up CB 7 and get "the cold shoulder" more directly.

I'm sure that they've already written me off for my critical comments on Queens Crap.

Don't anyone ever say that I didn't try to be "nice" to everyone--at first.

After the community gets the run around for almost 30 years, I eventually get pissed off.

Can you blame me?

Please forgive me for telling it all like it really is!
I was always a very bad liar.