Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weiner eyeing comptroller job?

From the NY Post:

It looks like Anthony Weiner is testing the waters for a possible run for city comptroller this year.

At least two politically-connected individuals in Manhattan have received calls from a pollster asking about a possible match-up between the former Brooklyn Congressman and Scott Stringer, the Manhattan Borough President who is considered the heavy favorite in the race.

"It was strictly about Scott and Weiner," said one woman who took the survey on Sunday.

She said the pollster asked if she could back Weiner in light of the infamous sexting scandal that drove him from office in 2011.

When the woman said she was a Stringer supporter, the questions turned negative.

"If you knew he wanted outer borough people to pay a fee to come into Manhattan would that change your mind?" the pollster asked, according to the woman.

"If you knew that he had the support of the corrupt Brooklyn Democratic machine would that change your mind?"


Anonymous said...

Compared to John Liu, he looks like a saint.

Besides, I'd rather have a Jewish comptroller deal with municipal money matters.

Anonymous said...

OMG. Please go away and take your friend with you.

Jon Torodash said...

Humility was never one of his strong suits...

Anonymous said...

guess he can't find a real job in the public sector

Anonymous said...

Your Democratic party at work: Weiner was a pol-sci jerk in college and went straight to work in politics. He's unemployable in any other field and he's not been able to get appointed to anything, so he's resorting to some low-lying elected office like comptroller. With Hillary leaving State, Kerry will be kicking out Huma and putting his own team in.

Loyal Queens Democrat/Tweeder said...

I wouldn't hesitate one minute in handing oversight over the City's finances to a brilliant mind such as Anthony Weiner!

Anthony showed us a couple years ago that he can handle his "junk" quite well, and that skill should easily translate to him wrapping his hands on our finance issues!

Weiner for Comptroller!
Tweeders for Weiner!

Anonymous said...

Ant-knee Weenah.

Anonymous said...

#1... dem. convict Alan Hevesi really did a stellar job at nyc comptroller and nys comptroller, didn't he ?

one never learns by their previous voting errors ,when they follow the "machine".

Anonymous said...

Proof that turds do float.

It's sad that in a city of 8+ million people, with some of the most knowledgeable financiers in the US you get a poli-sci (oxymoron alert!) flunky with a bad history to run for comptroller.

Where are America's best?

gay divorcee said...

Is Weiner gonna play hide the salami with my money?

Hubba, hubba, what a hunk. I hope he befriends me.
Oooooh, send me a picture text message Tony!

Anonymous said...

Please,please, go away already!

Anonymous said...

That is one skeevie looking dude.
I'll bet he sniffs bicycle seats.

Anonymous said...

Politicians can't just go away.
What other job are they suited for besides lying and stealing?

Can you imagine the cost of retraining a pol
and paying his unemployment benefits until
he finds another job?

Maybe Weiner could bcome a male stripper.