Friday, January 18, 2013

Liu's legal fees

From the NY Post:

City Comptroller John Liu shelled out $346,000 for his mayoral campaign this quarter but spent close to 20 percent of those funds on lawyers.

The embattled politician — whose top fund-raiser, Oliver Pan, and treasurer, Jenny Hou, were accused of funneling illegal contributions to his campaign war chest — paid more than $71,000 in legal fees, according to his most recent campaign-finance filing.

Liu’s expenses included $50,000 to the law firm Zuckerman Spaeder LLP and $7,740.58 for legal services to Lankler Carragher & Horwitz LLP.

From the Daily News:

At least seven staffers in the city controller’s office have held fund-raisers or bundled donations for Liu’s mayoral campaign, records show. The staffers have raised a total of $14,695 for Liu, whose fund-raising practices are under federal investigation.

Those contributions will be worth close to $20,000 through the city’s generous matching funds program.

City employees are allowed to raise money for their politician bosses as long as the pol doesn’t ask for their help and as long as the political work didn’t happen during work hours.

Liu’s office insisted that no rules were broken, but government watchdogs say the practice raises eyebrows.


Anonymous said...

This guy is shrimp toast. Hang it up already Johnny.

Anonymous said...

See...I told ya so!
Those fundraisers were for his lawyers' fees.

Liu's a liar right 'til the end.

Speaking of which....
he'd better save some of that money for cigarettes to bribe Bubba with in jail....otherwise his cellmate will pork his ass real good!

Anonymous said...

Joseph Liu....convicted CROOK.
John Liu....another sleazy CROOK!

Father and son surely teamed up to screw us all.

Johnny will never become mayor of NYC.
For the moment, that's enough to be thankful for.

Let's hope the feds connect all the remaining dots.

Maybe they will link Tommy Huang and the late Cecilia Chang, to a long standing Taiwanese money laundering pipeline.

Anonymous said...

The over confident appearing Liu,
is really pissing in his shoes.

Better grab a fast boat back to Taiwan, Johnny!

Anonymous said...

I hate to think that I'm prejudiced (unlike you guys) but I do think that the Chinese have a culture of getting around the rules, and they don't see anything wrong with it. Like, rules were made to be broken. Probably if I lived under Chinese despots I'd feel the same way. But it doesn't work here (usually).

Anonymous said...

To poster # 2.

You did tell us that, and you are correct.

John Liu is not running for Mayor, he has no shot. He is running for matching funds so that he can pay his lawyers.

I have no idea how that is legal. He ought to pay for lawyers like every other American does, with his own money.

John Liu, son of a convicted bank thief has no business in public life.

Anonymous said...

Asian bundlers come and Asian bundlers go .if they bundled for democrat politicians ,they seldom see a prison cell in their future. ask Bubba Clinton ?

Anonymous said...

Ask NOT what staff can do for their country.

Ask what they can do for me.

Anonymous said...

He's running for mayor, and saved all of you tons of money.

How is raising $14k make someone a "top fundraiser"? What % is that from the BILLIONS he has saved NYC taxpayers? Do u even pay attention to his work?

Anonymous said...

Listen you zombie we don't hire people to work in the Comptrollers office for the purpose of helping the boss, we hire them to help us.

Case closed.

Liu, the son of a CONVICTED bank thief is a rotten apple that hasn't fallen far from the tree.

His campaign spends donated money and matching funds on lawyers. Normal Americans are expected to pay for their own lawyers, not get matching funds from some political campaign.

Zombie your life away but Liu is never going to get elected as Mayor of the greatest city on earth.

Billions saved my ass.

Anonymous said...

John Liu will become the Asian Al Sharpton.

He's got some well off Taiwanese businessmen convinced that he's to become the Chinese champ.

They're the chumps for believing him.

Gotta hand it to this crafty Chinaman...
Liu is making a new job for himself by bilking his own people just like Rev Sharpton does.

What other job do you think he can get?

Both his political and financial careers are over!
So it'll be Rev Liu, defender of downtrodden Chinese.

Now, that's a pretty good racket....ain't it?

Anonymous said...

How much did he demand back from SAIC, from the CityTime Scandal? It was over $500mm. Look at how many audit pointing out millions more being wasting by carious agencies and development corps. Subsidies doled out to entities that can afford it.

The billions ha e also come from taking advantage of lower rate enviorment. Also INCREASED transparency, allowing anyone to see all contracts the city has, and exactly what is paid out.

He was all set to make major changes to the pension system, and also has accelerated infrastructure projects, to save more money and crate jobs.

They want you to focus on these tiny amounts, because he has gone after peoples gravy trains. Your falling for it.

Anonymous said...

Btw, Thompson was in the same office for 8 years, let those city time payments go thru(for bloombergs buddies). Look at all the people he got jobs there and what job he got because of it.

Anonymous said...

Liu uses bully tactics ,when truth about his votes in the city council are exposed at home owners meetings.

a public challenger of Liu may get their Social Security benefit reduced, if tax documents for the past are no longer available.

a friend told me that almost happened to her. luckily ,she had tax records from the years the S.S. claimed a error had been made in the calculations.

a coincidence ??????

Anonymous said...

Who's that hiding behind the John Liu rubber mask?