Saturday, March 28, 2009

A super amazing crap pile!

From Lost City:

I was walking by the thing today and—What the hell is that thing on top of the building? The structure has sprouted a two-story tower on its roof, like some sort of Crapitecture Florentine Palazzo. I mean, really, what is that? I've never seen anything like it. Will it be something practical, like a water tower container? A super-sized chimney? A really narrow penthouse? A place to store the tenants' javelins and tentpoles?

Frank Lloyd Crap strikes again!


Anonymous said...

Even worse:
No cornice.
Windows don't echo neighboring italianate scaling.
What's up with the classroom clock that will stop working in six months?

Anonymous said...

I have to ask this dumb question - Is the reason most new construction have useless balconys a code thing - say to replace fire-escapes?

I personally hate them in Queens - they are used as basement storage rooms.

Anonymous said...

It looks like one of those towers the Nazis used in the concentration camps.

Taxpayer said...

Yes! Italian Girl; a gun tower. For the illegal tenant prisoners below.

Otherwise, perhaps it's a bell tower to signal religious services for the church below - getting the tenants/owners a big tax break.

Kurt said...

We have these all over Astoria. The End Is Near.

Anonymous said...

No, that is not a bell tower, it's "For whom the Bell Tolls," coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

Anonymous said...

Hiding cell phone towers.

Like to hear what Queens AIA has to say about this and other other Frank Lloyd Crap type ills - that chapter is headed by the wife a bigwig from that infamous champion of community preservation, HDC.

Funny, eh?

Anonymous said...

You mean that organization whose boss does "free" community studies?

Democratic Dictionary said...

Democratic Dictionary

Historic District: a community (full of builders, architicts, bankers, property holders, and alummi of infamous community absorbing educational institutions) that has no worry of overdevelopment.

norwood resident said...

Are you perchance referring to Paul Graziano when you mention HDC's boss?

It seems to me that we all recall him doing a FREE STUDY for us at Norwood Gardens in Astoria Mr. B.S. Artist!

What's your real gripe with him anyway...jealousy?

Maybe if you or your organization
had done their jobs better, Astoria wouldn't be in the crap shape it's in today.

Anonymous said...

Thats funny. I live in Old Astoria. And he wanted bucks. Big bucks.

Anonymous said...

Mechancial space does not count in height calculations. They could build 1,000 feet of mechanical space if they choose to.