Sunday, March 22, 2009

Parking meter rates raised

From the Times Newsweekly:

Drivers looking to park at public meters on local shopping strips will have to fish more change out of their pockets as the city has increased rates at parking meters across the five boroughs, it was announced.

As of Monday, Feb. 16, motorists parking at metered spots are charged 25 cents for 20 minutes, a loss of 10 minutes from the previous half-hour rate. The hourly rate was bumped up from 50 to 75 cents as a result of the rate increase.

Notice how the City "announced" it a month after implementing it. Lots of tickets given out in the meantime... (except maybe to Peter Vallone)


Anonymous said...

This is good news, actually. higher meter rates will lead to increased availability of parking. this type of program has worked well elsewhere. glad to see it come to NYC!

Anonymous said...

If inflation continues, we will have to feed the meter with gold bars. I have no doubt parking will become more available as cars are repossessed from the unemployed, poor and struggling.

Anonymous said...

First, this is a tax. Second, it is a 33 1/3 % increase. Third, it is another opportunity to generate revenue using tickets. And that is wrong.BastardBloomberg

Anonymous said...

No, it is a user fee, not a tax.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is actually a 50% increase. It's nice to know our city responds to our needs.