Friday, March 27, 2009

Bloomberg orders 4 more firehouses closed

From the Forum West:

Local officials, residents and the Uniformed Firefighters Association are ripping the city’s decision to close Engine Company 271 permanently on July 1 as a result of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s budget cuts.

The city announced last year that the company, which is located near the Ridgewood-Brooklyn border and helps serve parts of Queens, would be closed during overnight hours beginning January 17. It was then announced that Company 271 and three others slated for overnight closings would be eliminated entirely as part of FDNY budget cuts.

Four more years!!!!


Anonymous said...

I guess you haven't heard that we are in the worst recession in decades. Go on thinking that things would be better if someone else were mayor. Genius.

Anonymous said...

Scoppetta had an opportunity to be a man, but decided that kissing the Commissar's ass was far more important than living up to his oath of office to protect the lives of citizens.

Future Mayor Tony Avella called Scoppetta on this very point in a January City Council hearing. "Why didn't you resign in protest" over such a dangerous order from the Commissar?

Scoppetta answered by putting his finger up his ass and threatening to stop breathing unless Tony stopped expecting integrity from a Fire Commissioner.

Why hasn't Scoppetta shut down the firehouses near the Commissar's home?

Is he frightened by the Commissar's threats to throw a turtle faced tantrum stamping his size 5 shoes on the floor?

Be a man Scoppetta. Resign!

Commissar, save face now and quit. We're going to dump you like used toilet paper on November 3!

Anonymous said...

Where are the civics? Where are is the media? Where is Bloomberg's name?


Anonymous said...

Where is Bloomberg's name?

I got really ticked off earlier this week when both the Post and News showed a picture of Bloomberg on their front pages urgeing the public to fight fare increases.

A real champion of the people.

What they should have done was show Bloomberg on the front page with this story, and contrast the closing of firehouses and hospitals with the generous budget for City Planning so developers can continue to destroy our communties, the painting of wooly haired bike lanes, and the fat pay raises and perks of his staff.

A few articles like that and his mayor run would be dead.

Of course, so would the newspapers. They need real estate adversting revenue to stay afloat.


Anonymous said...

lets close down the firshouses near the mayor's many investments. he builds through out the city, why isn't anyone looking into where he owns and if those firehouses are on the chopping block. This man at one time said he took the city out of ruins, so after the stocks fell we don't have money? are you that stupid to invest all the money not in secured accounts. they are all a bunch of liars, hey bloomberg pull the money out of your ass and keep the houses open.

Anonymous said...

"I guess you haven't heard that we are in the worst recession in decades. Go on thinking that things would be better if someone else were mayor. Genius."

I guess you haven't heard that the Mayor wants to spend 400 million tax dollars to put taxpaying businesses out of work. Maybe he should save that money and use it to provide important services, like fire, police, etc.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you. I will vote for the guy who makes common sense decisions like this. Not sell the City at a discount to a developer.

Anonymous said...

How is this allowed? Imagine if they closed precincts? But never. Mike loves Ray Kelly, and FC Scoppetta bends over all the time ("Put it in, right there.")As Taxpayer said above. The bravest have a weak commish.A true leader backs up his troops.

Anonymous said...

Yawn. Every city department is facing cuts. City Planning is no different.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who spent ten hours yesterday in Jamaica hospital emergency room waiting to see a doctor. The ambulance driver said he had to take her there. She said it was filthy and very crowded. Folks we are in big trouble when essential services like medical care and firehouses are closing. The consequences of these actions will have dire effects on our lives. To dismiss this crisis and say that all city services are experiencing budget cuts in my opinion is asinine. A true leader would be focusing all his or her attention on preventing these closures and would not stop until the safety of the people they represent are sustained above all else. We need new leadership. Please do not sign any petition to place an incumbent back on the ballot. It’s up to us to make the change.

faster340 said...

The commissar doesn't care if we burn. I bet his fire houses in his neighborhood are protected.

Anonymous said...

Claire Shulman has already gotten paid about $400,000 for her Willets Point sell out and NYC doesn't have enough money to keep emergency services
operating properly!

It sure pays to be crooked!

Anonymous said...

What does she need all that money for? She's so damn old. She looks like she's half dead.

Anonymous said...

Suicide plan.

Anonymous said...

I-Girl asked: What does she need all that money for? She's so damn old.
Perhaps she's a cougar?

Anonymous said...

A cougar???


"She looks like she's half dead."

I'm sorry. That was mean. I shouldn't have said that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe every citizen will be required to keep a bucket in the house and turn out for the bucket brigade the way it was done in the days of the Dutch.

We could accept the cutbacks if money wasn't being p@ssed away everywhere else. Luxury stadiums, Willet's Point redevelopment, re-train Wall Street 7 figure producers, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Yawn. Every city department is facing cuts. City Planning is no different.


Anonymous said...

Bonfire of the Vanities.

Anonymous said...

Commissar Bloomberg's covert
(h-m-m-m... not so covert) edict to the less privileged neighborhoods:

"Burn baby burn!

Now if I can only rid NYC of its vociferously-critical-of-my- conquests middle class...
I can finally become emperor.

(In an evil villain's tone)
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha"!!!