Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shocker: Contractor cheated employees

From the Forum West:

“The failure to pay prevailing wages is a prevalent problem all over New York and in Queens, in particular, due to our large immigrant population,” said Queens District Attorney Richard Brown. “Many immigrant workers who come to the United States with skills, like electrical work, are forced to work for private contractors for far below prevailing wages.”

Brown said that in this case, Bar and his corporation are accused of paying the workers between $20 and $30 per hour less than the prevailing wages. In addition, they were not provided with any benefits. “The end result is that the workers are put in the difficult position of complaining and losing their jobs or staying silent and being taken advantage of,” added Brown. “This guilty plea and penalty should serve as a warning to those who would cheat employees out of fair wages that this behavior will not be tolerated.”


Anonymous said...

How could something be prevalent that is not prevailing? Bald contradiction in term.

Anonymous said...

"Prevaling wage" is a legal term established by government requirements to use workers with precise qualifications and education on a project.

If you are willing to take Harry ten-thumbs or Mr. Fugitive, the prevailing wage could be free and worth every penny.

In the meantime, the worse problem is that the workers are being killed and the public will be moving into the deathtraps of the future.

I know whereof I speak by bitter personal experience.


Lady whose livingroom ceiling became her livingroom floor.

Taxpayer said...

“The failure to pay prevailing wages is a prevalent problem all over New York and in Queens, in particular, due to our large immigrant population,” said Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.

“Contractors should think twice before cheating workers out of prevailing wages, or they could face serious consequences like Arie Bar and AAR/Co Electrical, Inc,” said Thompson.

- - - - - - - -

This make-believe "problem" would never occur if the "immigrant" population, in Queens or anywhere, were, in fact, legal immigrants.

DA Brown, who is supposed to prosecute illegal activity, is, instead, protecting illegal activity.

If "skilled" workers here were all legal, they would never accept pay that wasn't the going rate. Illegal aliens can only successfully complain about low pay in the country where they are citizens, a place they refer to as back HOME. It is that country of legal citizenship to which they transfer their billions of dollars to support a family.

If these illegal aliens had stayed home with family and fellow citizens, then the legal immigrants and minorities in this country could compete for jobs denied to them by the Commissar's protected illegal aliens. And then DA Brown could be devoting plenty of time to prosecution and conviction of predatory politicians - Gallagher, Monster Rat, Seminario, McLaughlin, ...

Notice the illegal aliens were working on the Commissar's projects. It is his Sanctuary City policy, and his corrupt connection to developers and contractors to provide them with cheap, non-union workers, nannies, cooks, and lawn boys.

But DA Brown must be using the services of illegal aliens too, otherwise he would have pointed all this out publicly. But, as in the Gallagher case, he will never bite the sleazy hand that feeds him.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to comment on this one, but Taxpayer did it so well.

Anonymous said...

Most these people are NOT immigrants but criminal foreign national illegal nationals who have no respect for our laws or culture.

What doesn’t DA Brown understand?
How can such a jackass get a job as a DA. Is the same moron Brown who was a horse breeder placed in charge of FEMA ?

No doubt Monster Rat is gonna walk...Brown apparently loves these criminals

Anonymous said...

But isn't that what's good about illegals? You can pay them shit wages to do the jobs Amrrkins won't do!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No, he's being sarcastic, like the people who spell "America" as "Amerika." (with the "K" symbolic of the Klan.)

He is mimicking the alleged accents of the immigrants. You, on the other hand, should learn how to type.

Caps Lock is a sure sign of the hysteric or the incompetent typist.

Anonymous said...

Americans won't perform these jobs for the wages these cheap bastards are paying. Look at what's happened to our construction industry: imcompetent labor, horrific accidents and work that doesn't hold up. That wasn't the case twenty years ago when you had a strong labor movement in NY and workers were paid a decent salary with benefits.