Tuesday, March 31, 2009

NYPD shoots dangerous parolee

From NY1:

According to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, a parolee waiting at Queens I Area Office on Merrick Boulevard objected to revealing the contents of his backpack. When pressed, he pulled out a knife and held it up to a parole officer.

“He took out a knife, apparently, and had held it towards a police officer. He was told to drop the knife, he was overheard by one of our officers – an NYPD warrant squad officer who was present," said Kelly. "The two parole officers fired at this individual."

The man was hit by one bullet in the head and died as a result of his injuries.


Anonymous said...

What a genius. He never heard the proverb, "Don't take a knife to a gun fight."

Anonymous said...

Pity. Perhaps just a crook, but a human being nonetheless. I was reading the comments on the DN site and there are a lot of disaffected bloodthirsty people out there

Queens Crapper said...

This sounds like possibly "suicide by cop."

Taxpayer said...

A very thoughtful parole violator. In these troubled times, for the few cents it took to keep him from killing a law officer, look at the money this creep has saved the state and city:
(1) arrest
(2) arraignment, with tax paid lawyer
(3) detention
(4) feed
(5) trial, again with tax paid lawyer
(5) prison with all the cable TV, gym equipment, medical care due to his choice of cell sex
(6) future parole costs.

As for westernqueensland, he lost all human qualities and rights the moment he pulled the knife.

Anonymous said...

Give credit where it is due.....he was shot by a PAROLE OFFICER. Thank you nysp for saving my tax$$!!

Michael J, Diaz said...

Yeah taxpayer and what about the officers who MURDERED Sean Bell and Amadu Diallo; What category do they fit in ? Basically your TAX money paid for MURDER of innocent men. So take that somewhere else, because you sound ignorant and I hardly think your little minimum wage tax revenue can even pay for a prisoners socks much less a COMPETENT attorney. So if you want to advocate that murder in any instance is JUSTIFIED by all means do , but that's not what God would approve of.

Anonymous said...

The cops were cleared of murder.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with Taxpayer and Anonymous. Degenerate got exactly what he needed. More urban crime problems should be solved by law enforcement relying on Glock, Sig Sauer, HK, and Smith and Wesson. As for you bleeding hearts cryin about Sean Bell--that POS was trying to run over a police officer with his car. Good riddance. I aplaud the police officers who pulled the trigger. One more animal off the street