Saturday, March 21, 2009

Car crashes into Corona laundromat

From the Daily News:

An elderly Queens man who had just finished doing his laundry was injured early Saturday when a drunken driver slammed his car into the Laundromat, police said.

Francisco Romero, 70, an Ecuadorian immigrant who works at a nursing home, was hurt when the white Lincoln jumped the curb at 37th Ave. and 108th St. in Corona.

Police said Romero, who was hurled through the Laundromat window, suffered facial injuries but was in stable condition at Elmhurst Hospital.

Cops arrested Cesar Monge, 39, at the scene and charged him with driving while intoxicated.


Anonymous said...

He's the second one I saw flying at the door of a Queens laundry. A few years ago while I was doing laundry in Astoria, a crazed women drove around the corner, against traffic on a one-way street, mounted a curb and slammed head-on into a parked car.

That poor Shmoe's car probably kept the madwoman out of a business full of innocent families washing their clothes.

The most dangerous part of every car is the loose nut behind the wheel.

Anonymous said...

Macho macho macho man!

I doonnin no wha aappin.

Anonymous said...

Another illegal without a license and intox.great!

Anonymous said...

this was only a couple of blocks down 108 from where the guy got dragged under a van to bk...

Anonymous said...

that's a damn shame.