Sunday, March 29, 2009

Morgan needs a home

Meet Morgan! Morgan is an as-sweet-as-can-be 5-month old puppy who was rescued from the ACC kill shelter moments before she was to be put down. And although the agency tried to persuade the ACQ from pulling her and "recommended putting her down" - the folks at ACQ felt she was more than worth it.. so they saved her life.

Because of what looks like a deeply embedded collar that caused a huge gash in her neck, they didn't want to treat her. Morgan also has a gash near her eye.

The ACQ does not know her story or who would do this to her but believed she was worth rescuing. When they met her and saw how sweet she is that sealed the deal. This girl is so sweet she never let her wound stop her from being the lovable and playful girl she is. Her wound is healing and soon we will be looking for a loving home for her. Morgan is up to date on shots, has been spayed and microchipped.

Please go down to the ACQ and meet Morgan.. she just may win your heart over!!!

Animal Center of Queens
Rego Park, NY

Adoption Fees Apply, Home Checks are a must! and References needed to be provided.
All the best! and kudos to the ACQ for saving this sweet girl.. Just look at those ears!!!!!!!!!!

Morgan's story


Anonymous said...

I'll take a dog over people any day. I usually drop off a bag of do food every pay day at bbbi and the strays in atlas park.

Anonymous said...

What a heartfelt story. She has been saved for a reason. Whoever adopts her will be rewarded in more ways than one.

Anonymous said...

i think hirim monsterrat did this to this dog .... who ever did it should be jailed

Anonymous said...

That’s not a dog breed according the USA Kennel Association.

Cute now but more likely to mame somebody when grown.
Those Pitbulls, Mastives Canaros are severely inbred as well as violent and unstable to start with.
(defective DNA and enzyme in the brain)

Who need a self guided missle with the jaws of a T-Rex in the house besides Bernie Madoff or a gang kingpin ?

Anonymous said...

I have the same concerns, add real abuse and it could lead to a scary situation in the future.

Let's hope that the dog is a "mutt", rather than the pitbull it appears to be.

Both sets of my grandparents were dog breeders, but I will continue to advocate "mutts" as pets.

Unless the dog is to be shown in the ring or used for useful breed-specific work, the mixed breed is the best choice due to less inbreeding and superior health.

Adopting shelter dogs removes financial support for puppy mills and saves innocent animals from death.