Sunday, March 29, 2009

North Shore Towers concerned about antennas

From the Times Ledger:

The North Shore Towers Shareholders Association wants to look into a lease the co−op made in 1988 with a communications company that manages and operates antennas on the roofs of the co−op’s three buildings after a settlement was reached between the company and the co−op.

Continental Communications, the company that manages and operates the antennas, has a lease that gives the company free reign over how many antennas it can install, which led the company to put up more antennas than is allowed under city regulations, according to North Shore Towers Shareholders Association President Barbara Leonardi.

“We, as the shareholders, don’t even control our property,” Leonardi said.

Continental Communications sued North Shore Towers and the co−op’s board of directors individually for $500 million after the co−op held off on endorsing the company’s permit for the antennas, which were up for renewal.


-Joe said...

I know these buildings. The roofs a look like porcupines.
Must be more antennas then tenants.

There is so much RF interference pocket TVs like Sony Watchmen’s, TV with rabbit ears can no longer receive over the air broadcast on the top floors.
Forget trying to use a shortwave receiver altogether.
Every frequency is an S-20 of pulse noise.
It can’t possibly be safe for people getting blasted 24-7.
The safety surveys must be rigged IMO

georgetheatheist said...

Come in Captain Video.

Captain Video, can you read me?

Anonymous said...

Lets jump on this antanae frenzy nonsense.

Anonymous said...

What makes it nonsense? The radio frequency spectra include some frequencies known to cause damage to human cells such as Xrays, microwave radiation etc.

Even normally safe forms of radiation may become dangerous when duration and intensity are extreme.

Before you dismiss concerned people as coming from the tin-foil hat brigade, remember that radioactive materials were used as cure-alls for decades and were even added to water and foods for their health-giving benefits.

Many currently-banned drugs were the pharmaceutical moneymakers and miracle cures of just a few years ago.

It pays to be skeptical of the "experts" and conservative when claims of safety are spouted. After all, these technologies are making some important people plenty of money.

Anonymous said...

You won't read about this in the mainstream media since the cell phone companies pay millions of dollars for full page newspaper ads and 30 second TV & radio commercials.

-Joe said...

Yep you sure won’t.
The towers are a major connection to receive uplinks from just about every news truck in the area from NY-1 to Cablevisions News 12.

They save hundreds of dollars per second not having to use a Satellite link, let alone a 5 Million dollar Satellite truck.
They just raise and point a 2 watt transponder out a van with private plates (use any parkway) and the live reporting is routed straight to the network and to your TV in usually 1-2 seconds.

I saw this first hand at the Hall of Science Rocket Park re-opening. And stuff around Belmont Park


Anonymous said...

Its funny whenever i pass by these towers in my car on the G.C.P., either my XM radio, and sometimes even my FM signal will drop out.

Anonymous said...

Not funny at all--its interference.

Radio waves are sine waves; they look like the waves at the beach. When the frequency of two waves are overlaid such that the peak of one coincides with the trough of another the result is silence.

This is how noise-canceling headphones work and it is also why studios have to be careful how they place their microphones.

Anonymous said...

Not one parent, student, or staff member from Martin LUther High School on Maspeth Avenue complained when the 3 story building on 59th Street installed 5 huge cell towers on his building. He gets about $20,000.00a year rent for each one.