Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Addition turns into new building

From Pardon Me for Asking:

So let me get this straight: A developer proposes a two-story addition to an existing building at 85 Third Street. He gets approval and a permit from the Department of Buildings. Then he proceeds to tear the existing structure down and puts a new structure in its place.

Yep, that's how it works in the Bloomberg era.


Anonymous said...

Blomberg wants to take our communties away from its residents and give it to developers.

You see your block as your home.

He sees your block as a construction site.

You see you house as a place to raise your family.

He sees your house as a barrior for a campaign contributor to make money.

Anonymous said...


Developer didn't have to pay his $4,000 ECB fine either ... sad in this time of financial troubles for Bloomberg's city ...

Anonymous said...


Maybe ECB can still collect the $6,000 fine for the illegal excavation that the developer defaulted on.

Anonymous said...

"He sees your house as a barrior for a campaign contributor to make money."

but that's the part that makes no sense. Bloomie doesn't take campaign contributions! He doesn't need money. So why is he f*&king us?