Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ridgewood Theatre to reopen in July

NEW YORK (AP) -- An encore is planned this summer for a former vaudeville theater in Queens.

Its new owners say the Ridgewood Theatre will reopen in July with a three-screen cinema and shops.

The Ridgewood opened in 1916 and closed a year ago. It was billed as the oldest continuously operating movie house in the nation.

The New York City landmarks commission will consider historic designation later this spring. The owners say they won't oppose the designation as long as it's only for the building's exterior.

The Ridgewood was one of more than 300 theaters across the nation designed by architect Thomas Lamb. A few remain, including the Ziegfeld in midtown Manhattan.


Anonymous said...

That sounds good!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

LPC rarely goes for interior landmarks.

They're lazy....too much bother for them.

Is it being considered for interior designation?

Anonymous said...

How do you intend to get the interior landmarked when the owner plans to triplex it?

Push too hard for that and he just might wind up gutting the interior like Tommy Huang did to the Flushing Keith's auditorium.

Enlist the aid of the New York Landmarks Conservancy for advice and consultation.

Try working with the owner and see if he can, at least, divide it without destroying the interior decorative elements.

Then, perhaps at some future date, the partitions can be removed and the theater opened up once again as a performing arts center or something.

Think about a reversible redux.

Ridgewoodian said...

I went to the theatre a few times in the years leading up to its closure. If there was anything left of the original interior I sure didn't see it. I remember at the time it was named the worst theatre in New York by, I believe, "Time Out New York." If there is anything original that can be worked with I sure hope that happens but I do look forward to the place being renovated and brought up to modern standards. I like the idea of a performing arts center.

Anonymous said...

Is anything going to be done about the loud teenagers who cant sit still and scream and yell at the screen and destroy the movie experience? If not, then you might as well blow it up.