Thursday, March 26, 2009

City sends sanitation army to Willets Point

From Willets Point United:

It's interesting that since word got out that we were planning a cleanup this Friday, the Department of Sanitation all of a sudden showed up with their garbage trucks and sweepers and have been in a cleaning frenzy. It's a shame that the only way to get services is to embarrass the City. We're still having our cleanup as scheduled on Friday, however, because there's a lot they missed.

And in other news, CB7 is threatening to nix the Willets Point relocations to College Point unless the Flushing Airport is preserved for passive use.


Anonymous said...

Great job, guys. Next you should threaten to fill the potholes and sit back and watch as DOT descends on the streets pouring asphalt.

Anonymous said...

I guess that Evan of "Parkside" informed Granny Shulman of my post about her refusing to put money into WP years ago at that "certain" meeting.

Always glad to be a thorn in her side.

Wake up you old Manes crook.

The game is no longer going to be played to your advantage!

You're a relic of the clubhouse's past!

Anonymous said...

What a spectacular lesson for all those weenies who are afraid of their own shadow.

One press release that promised to put the spotlight on the years and years of deliberate refusal to perform routine services for an area. An area NEVER neglected by the City Finance Department.

Pay taxes. Get kicked in the teeth by elected officials who stand to gain from the seizure of the private property for transfer to already extremely wealthy developers.

Elected officials gaining? Kickbacks.

Productive, taxpaying businesses operating for nearly a century slated to be destroyed by this Commissar!

Several thousand union employees about to be unemployed so a developer can hire non-union illegal aliens to build monstrosities where the union workers worked to feed and clothe their families for so many years.

Just so that this Billionaire Commissar can get even richer feeding off the remains of a productive, taxpaying, useful community!

Anonymous # 1 has a great suggestion.

Keep the spotlight on these cockroaches, they will flee!

Then dump the Commissar!

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't they start to clean up the area now? Shitty Field is just days away from opening. Did someone say agenda? By the way, whatever happened to Granny Shulman and Parkside Group's illegal lobbying activities? When they heard the word "fine" they must have interpreted it as "OK"!

Anonymous said...

Granny Shulman she's not dead yet ,she's still taking patoffs

Anonymous said...

on the ball Taxpayer they take and take this city is a joke

Anonymous said...

Several thousand union employees about to be unemployed so a developer can hire non-union illegal aliens to build monstrosities where the union workers worked to feed and clothe their families for so many years

"several thousand union employees"?

where? There are not 2,000 in the whole triangle. 80% non union and non english speaking.

Construction workers were union members last I checked.

Stop the hyperbole.

Anonymous said...

buildings going up anywhere in the usa should be only union workers. our mayor has a lot of projects and he hires non union, which everyone should protest. if the city is going to get out of this recession it has to start with home and with our mayor. president is going to create jobs? what he'll give nyc or state funding for road work and then they will give it to the cheapest price and then they hire non union. ONLY UNION WORKERS! should be getting that money not the illegals that come here.

Anonymous said...

hey good job crapper you got them to clean up down there. but i have to agree with the one that stated opening day is coming and they don't want important people to see the mess, especially if they are trying to find investors to buid on the properties.

Anonymous said...

Shulman had to be on Manes' pad.

She was either too dumb herself not to know what was going on with the Parking Violations Bureau scandal of the 1980s or a crook herself!

She was, after all, Donald's deputy beep.

They were all (???) probably hooked up to the "little duke" of Wellington too!

Maybe Chen's connected to Tommy Huang you think?

They ALL arrived together on the scene from Taiwan at about the same time... did they not?

Someday this shit will all be coming out.

The feds still have an open case on it we hear.

Anonymous said...

Better lock up that district office... that no constituent was ever allowed to enter...even tighter Toby!

Love to see the FBI seize your computers just like they did when they raided Mc Laughlin's office!

What a damn nest of political mobsters!

Anonymous said... counter post Evan?

Anonymous said...

It's noon and that plump Parkside poster never misses a meal.

He can't eat and keystroke at the same his brain indigestion.

You'll be hearing from him as soon as he finishes flushing the toilet.

Anonymous said...

great job guys keep cleaning it and soon it will look so good granny will shit

Anonymous said...

Maybe they found some stolen cars parts. Looking forward to that area being replaced.

Anonymous said...

F_ Bloomberg, Marshall and their corperate friends.

I go to Willets for PARTS and Work (They do the best and dont rip me off)
Baggiepants Billionare can have his stinking Mets and Banks.
I have a collection of classic cars, safer better investment then any stinking bank thats for sure.

Bloomberg needs to look up the definition of RACKETEERING & OBSTRUCTION OF COMMERCE.
They both happen to be on the lawbooks