Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bronx 911 call center still delayed

From the Daily News:

Martin McLaughlin, spokesman for the property owner, Hutch Realty Partners, an affiliate of the Simone Development Cos. of New Rochelle, echoed, "We're still negotiating with the city, and hopefully we'll come to a good conclusion soon."

Hey, why no eminent domain? This has been going on for years and is the perfect example of a public use. I guess the rules are different when a developer owns the property.


Taxpayer said...

Willets Point, Atlantic Yards: seize the private property, then transfer ownership to private, very wealthy developers who pocket all profits (minus what is shared with the Commissar). Negotiate deceitfully, using the threat of eminent domain to render the property owner helpless to sell to anyone else.

In Maspeth, some private property is selected for use as a public high school. The owner wants to sell to the city, but has the impudence to believe he has the right to a negotiated price for the property. Apart from the fact that the location is unfit for a high school, the city will seize the property without any negotiations. Again, deceit is the MO for site selection, construction and naturally, the use of the property.

In the Bronx, at the proposed site of an emergency phone (911) center already owned by a wealthy developer, negotiate for years and years making every effort to satisfy the private property owner whose property is needed for a PUBLIC purpose.

Any sensible person can easily see what the bad reasons are for this discrepancy.

Can anyone say what the good reasons are? Facts only. No fantasy babble.

Anonymous said...

This is a great example of how things work in our city. Very useful in court. Oh, except...the...judges...are political hacks, doing what they are told. Crapp!

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess a new 911 center just isn't important enough to have in this city. Instead, I really hope we get a new bank, a new shopping center, a new row of high rise condos! Maybe even a new immigration center, or a day-laborer center, so they can wait for their job bids in luxury.
But whatever you do NYC, don't you dare build any new police precincts, firehouses, ENS stations or 911 centers!

Anonymous said...

Why are they wasting time with this. The old Caldor building on Roosevelt Ave that has been empty for years is the perfect size and in a great spot. 109 Pct a few blocks away. Police Academy 2 miles away. My wife is a 911 operator and says that building would be perfect.