Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Queens nabes among first to get new water meters

From the Queens Chronicle:

In an effort to streamline service and avoid estimated bills, the city has begun installing automated water meter equipment in Queens.

The $68 million upgrade will be done on all 831,000 meters for 8 million customers throughout the city. The project will take three years.

Queens and Brooklyn are the first boroughs to be targeted. Cambria Heights and Flushing installations have already begun with other neighborhoods to be added later.

Prior to the work, residents will receive a notification letter from the Department of Environmental Protection. Since some meters are located inside dwellings, workers may have to be admitted.

To find out when your neighborhood is scheduled for work, go to the DEP website at nyc.gov/html/dep. Locations are listed by ZIP codes.


Unknown said...

Hm... why do I suspect this will cost me more money...?

Anonymous said...

Jesus, can this city get anything right?

How can i look up my installation information when my zip code (11385) is listed under multiple locations???

Anonymous said...

We shouldn't be paying for our water. Water is a necessity to survive. We lived without water meters for years. Water should be free. This is just another money making scheme and people should protest. What happens when you can't pay your water bill? They turn off your service to the house. What would happen is the person died? Is the city responsible? Get rid of the water bills. So many corporations don't pay, but the person who can least afford it does. It's just not fair.