Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A must read about the Crooked Clubhouse

From the Brooklyn Optimist:

How bad does an elected official have to be to provoke criticism from their colleagues? These days it seems like that there's no crime a politician can commit that is so heinous that their party's leaders bother to condemn them.

Take Congressman Joe Crowley, the head of the Queens Democratic Party. Crowley was one of the Congressmen who expressed moral outrage last week at A.I.G. execs for receiving millions in bonuses. Surely, if Crowley could muster so much anger over legal bonuses, he must have blown his top when he learned his longtime friend Brian McLaughlin had admitted to stealing over two million bucks from innocent people.

What was Crowley's comment on McLaughlin's crimes? Over two weeks after McLaughlin's guilty plea, he still hasn't made one. (And why hasn't the press demanded one?)


Anonymous said...

This is Crowley's statement condemning crooked McLaughlin: " .", "and I mean every word of that!"

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Queens branch of the KKK...."Krowley's Klubhouse Krooks"!

Bring on the feds to clean out that "hole in the wall" where the gang
doles out cash to i.e.
pols like John Liu for his campaign efforts etc.

John's coffers have swelled from 1 million to over 3 million in a very short time.

Anonymous said...

Crooning Joe Crowley Makes sure
John Sabini walks away from drunk
driving charges and rewards him with being a Commissioner, Says nothing about McLaughlins theft of UNION monies and little leagues money AND the use of his cousin ELizabeth behind closed doors., Backs Monserrat and his glass breaking ways, Silences newspaper coverage on an accident due to alcohol at one of his partys, Does nothing for the people who elect him, APPOINTS an Assemblyman Position to his Friend (and Husband of wife who works for him) Michael Dendekker and the list goes on and on. Joe is not the Good ol Catholic Boy he started out to be when he was first elected. Time to get rid of Corruption and Flush The Crooner Crowley with his misfits and get someone representing the people not their Clubhouse Cronies.

Anonymous said...

I think that Crappy has to revisit this point time and again.

This group thinks they are above comment. Look at the lapdog press that always has a beaming pol with some headline talking about an empty 'victory of the people' making the connection that our wellbeing is directly tied to their 'concern.'

Years ago, when we had newspapers, real newspapers, elected officials used to be criticized.

No more. Now they get criticized only if:

(1) they tick off the machine - governor, mayor (not so much HIM anymore - notice?) Port Authority -anyone who is not local,

(2) they stand in the way of a clubhouse hack's advancement.

Anonymous said...

I remember years ago when we discoverd that "Queens is named for Queen Catherine" was a late 19th century fiction.

We wrote papers. We did research. We challenged them to debates.

We WERE given press. Then it was negated when some pol say the record was not clear and sustained the myth.

I wondered why.

Then it hit me. If the public shows them up, even on something this trivial, then anything else they have to say could be called into question.

They would be fair game to quesition everything from motives to facts.

Cannot break the 'piss dam.' God knows what would follow.

Anonymous said...

Don't label them politicians. Call them what they are racketers.

georgetheatheist said...

And Republican Ragusa and company what say you?