Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DOB's royal screwjob

From the Indypendent:

Rule changes proposed by the New York City Department of Buildings in February have been slammed by critics citywide, and have raised fears that the changes could lead to a significant rise in illegal construction across the city and boroughs after they are implemented in mid-April.

The Rules of the City of New York (RCNY) guide city agencies like the Department of Buildings (DOB) when interpreting the City Charter and enforcing its laws. RCNY changes can be made by the Buildings Department without a vote from the City Council.

As the current rules governing the DOB stand, members of the public are not subject to time constraints when raising objections to approved plans for new buildings or major alterations with the Buildings Department.

However, come mid-April, Rules 105-04 and 105-03 will impose a 30-day public challenge period for challenging construction plans approved by the Buildings Department. The move has raised an outcry among politicians at both the city and state level.


Brooks of Sheffield said...

The true face of the Bloomberg administration. Utterly contemptuous of the public's voice.

Anonymous said...

And, ask yourself: Who is the beneficiary of such a rule change?

Oh, you guessed that the developers benefit? Well, then you win. No, you really lose!

Commissar Death and Taxes has opened a channel for kickbacks to make him so wealthy that he can even purchase all the politicians in Albany and Washington and still have money left over to purchase caskets for all the construction workers he kills.

Anonymous said...

One hundred years of legislation on protecting the public form development ills, and protecting workers from exploitation is being systamatically dismantled without a comment from anyone.

Pratt? HDC? MAS? Columbia?

... anyone?

Anonymous said...

Its the price you pay for becoming an international city.

Classism and third world services.

(ah, but just wait till a Fifth Avenue building goes up in smoke and the rich get burned to a crisp.)