Saturday, March 7, 2009

Queens Courier vs. DOB

From the Queens Courier:

The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) might as well be renamed the Department of Blight. Blight is what they allow to exist in this city, blight is what they allow to be built in many Queens neighborhoods, and blight is what the DOB fails to remove and demolish even though they are the agency than can do just that.

Wow, a Whitestone eyesore provokes such harsh words and criticism from Vicky's paper! It's about time.


Anonymous said...

No, they should be renamed, DOD, "Department of the Dead," in fact they kill more than the real DOD (Defense) or maybe "DOFH" Department of Future Homelessness, since in exchange for bribes they allow Developers to try to kill you or to break and destroy nearby properties while putting up their monstrosities.

I have nearly been killed, and I have seen families driven onto the streets and nearby buildings condemned by the building or renovation of three buildings in Old Astoria with a five minute walk of each other.

Anonymous said...

Where is the preservation community?

Where are the Pratt and Columbia and Hunter students?

"If it doesnt happen in Brooklyn Heights its not important"

Anonymous said...

What is the preservation community doing about Old Astoria?

Dozens of buildings 100, 150, even 200 years old?

Anonymous said...

They tell us to talk to our elected officials and communtiy board knowing full well that decades of unchallenged real estate propoganda is firmly entrenched in the community.

The operative word here is 'unchallenged.'

They have given signals to the local developers that they will not only not support efforts, but actively pull the rug out from any effort to save the community.

Anonymous said...

Occasional lip service under pressure from Crappy.

The following week they will be gushing over some stupid project.

Anyone as firmly in the clubhouse as Vicky not only is in favor of development, but probibally does not even understand the issues relating to community preservation.

Yet another product of the unwillingness to the readership of District Lines to favor public education.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why you cannot talk to your communty to preserve the historic fabric.

If they are unwilling to do something there is nothing you can do.

Stop beating up on those communities that are trying to pull themselves up.

georgetheatheist said...

You know, I kind of like the old delapidated building. It has a certain artistic charm. Sort of like the Roman ruins.

Anonymous said...

Exactly George, except that you are dead with your feet sticking out from under the ruins.

Anonymous said...

The Buildings Department has been a disgrace for years, and no amount of so-called reform is going to change it. Why do we even bother with this agency? It can't enforce the building code. It can't enforce the zoning code. What's the point of this bureaucracy?

Anonymous said...

What's the point of this bureaucracy?

Smoke and mirrors is a fig leaf and better than nothing?

Anonymous said...

Yes, "smoke and mirrors" indeed. At least old-time Boss Tweed met the pigeons at dockside and offered some coal and a job in exchange for political power.

Today you don't even get that.