Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kids trapped while exploring sewer

Three teens were charged with criminal trespassing after firefighters rescued them from inside a Queens sewer Wednesday.

The boys, aged 15, 16 and 17, were trapped underneath the sewer at Fresh Meadow Lane and Underhill Avenue in Auburndale.

A neighbor said she called police after she saw them climb into the manhole.

Officials warned that things could have been worse if not for the good weather.

Three Teens Rescued From Queens Sewer

That's right, haven't they heard about the alligators down there?


Anonymous said...

Never mind the alligators.

There are likely to be plenty of stinkingly corrupt clubhouse pols hiding out down there!

Whew...get a whiff of Toby S.
They just fished her out!

Anonymous said...

I know this location- the 12-foot wide sewer is part of the buried section of Kissena Creek.

Anonymous said...

When I saw the headline "Kids trapped while exploring sewer", I believed the story was going to be about kids in a public school.

Anonymous said...

Kids being kids, doing stuff most of us old timers did at some point growing up and never got hurt or in trouble for.

Nosy old lady being a nosy old lady... hating on dumb kids.

Cops being Cops, making arrests to meet their quota.

taxpayer - hilarious and true!

Anonymous said...

Nosy old ladies eh?

If that buried creek (which runs the length of the Kissena Corridor)
were suddenly filled with a storm surge those kids would be gone!

Their lives were saved because of alert concerned citizens.

Now....what if terrorists dropped in to plant something down there?

Didn't think of that one!