Monday, October 20, 2008

CB1 would welcome 2,400 more housing units

Undaunted by the floundering housing market, a New Jersey real estate firm is looking to build 2,400 residential units on the Astoria Peninsula, the Daily News has learned.

Lincoln Equities of East Rutherford has a contract to buy five parcels of land once used for manufacturing on First Ave., along the portion of the East River waterfront known as Hallets Cove.

Lincoln plans to bulldoze several warehouses on the land and build five residential buildings, one of which would rise 40 stories, company officials said.

The project, known as Hallets Point Development, would require the zoning be changed from manufacturing to residential.

N.J. firm seeking to build 2,400 housing units along Hallets Cove

...20% of the 2,400 units will be affordable housing, but it was unclear how the prices for the project, which is privately funded, would be determined.

Company officials have quietly begun presenting their plans to the community in recent days. The zoning subcommittee of Community Board 1 got a preview Thursday night.

Lucille Hartman, district manager of Community Board 1, said the board has not taken a position on the project. But she added that the board has "always been supportive of development on the waterfront," and said there is a need for a neighborhood community center.

Hey, remember the blackout? Sewer problems? Here, I'll save you the trouble: Community Board 1, the community board from hell.

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Anonymous said...

No more apartments are welcome developer shits, and CB1 way to push the electrical grid to overload.You guys destroyed a beautiful old building and made it Pianos condo(cheesy name) and the building across from there looks like a steril hotel.I guess we need more traffic too to better the neighborhood eh vallone?Bad choices there Astoria politicians looking to line your pockets.Pay attention to 311 calls and take care of the neighborhood before you add more damn people.

Anonymous said...

This outfit has money to park in development that will take a decade to pay-off big tie - it's waterfront - stupid! Only so much of it to go around is the thinking and this is the value the developer exploits while his costs remain fixed except for time.

Anonymous said...

The developer is looking to complete a parcel that goes from Hallets Cove Park to Hell Gate Stadium (the one mentioned here) then a second parcel from Hell Gate Stadium to Shore Towers (not mentioned to the community board)

The actual amount of units is 3,500 (which really means 4,500 which really means 20,000 people) on the first parcel which is only 1/3 of the land.

Now if you add the two parcels facing north, you are looking at 60,000 people.

There is only one street leading into the area. They are adding shopping too.

The traffic can be handled by busses and the watertaxi.

Anonymous said...

Now here is where it gets good. The audience included Vallone Sr (who said nothing) and George Stamatiades.

George is the guy behind thsoe two other projects that make the community a byword for mismangemeent: Dutch Kills and Steinway Street.

George is a fellow with a loud mouth.

After only a few minutes into the presentation, George said he is in favor.

You know what George? We do not want Astoria to look like Dutch Kills.

Our board had some tepid questions about infrastructure and access.

We were told this is on the fast track.

Four other areas are targeted for massive developement: Atlantic Yards, Jamaica, and Flushing. All have some access to public transporation.

We have to ask ourselves what does our community board have in mind: something resembling those banlieus in France - the decayed public housing estate that had those riots a few years ago?

Some of us are dead set against this, but we would get thrown off the board if we voiced objections.

Anonymous said...

40 story buldings? Are they nuts?!?

The place is built on a swamp.

Anonymous said...

CB1 the community board from hell!

Anonymous said...

Take note taxpayers. YOU are paying for this.

No one discusses the price tag for infrastructure.

Happy with your services?


JkSnk said...

What's wrong with 40 stories? Its along the river. Its people like you posters who prevent prices from coming down in NYC by restricting supply.

Anonymous said...

CB1 is managed by cronies of Vallone, Gianaris and the other low level politicians of Astoria. These politicians have done nothing remarkable in their lives other than manipulate uneducated working class immigrants in Astoria to vote for them and put them into power. They have no idea about quality of life, yet alone how to use a fork and knife at the dinner table.

They're all animals...which is why I left Astoria and chose Washington Heights as my nabe instead. At least there, the politicians don't profess to be city planners or intellects. They're just bodega owners who've done well and are trying to do what they can to keep things on the upswing.

Anonymous said...

more housing for one of the most worthless areas of queens? the joke will be on them when they can't sell any of it.

Anonymous said...

This is a very unwelcome plan.Fix the falling apart Roosevelt island bridge properly,and see if you can fill Pianos(way to wreck that building that could have been many other useful things) first then build crap to fall in the water.

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe Greenshores will do something about this, like advocating for park land.


Their agenda for the year has already been approved (by parties uknown) so maybe they will take it up next year.


Anonymous said...

Greenshores was set up by developer money. They will only be interested in 'official' waterfront access approved by developers, like the Sohmer pier (that hovers spectral like in the background) and that stupid Con Ed site that everyone raves about - you know - the one a few blocks from a sewage plant (that half of Astoria swears does not exist).

One of their biggest supporters, Eric B, is a flack for developers. If he puts one more developer decal on his kayack they would be unseaworthy.

But since Greenshores dropped 'Astoria' from their name, and pull shopping carts out of the East River for jollies (something that our taxes used to do) their entire purpose is open to question.


They should make their developer ties clear to the community.

Anonymous said...

The crowd hits another home run.


Anonymous said...

That's because a French bistro hasn't been established there yet. And gosh, it's so far from the beer garden!