Thursday, February 28, 2008

Taken to the woodshed

You really gotta wonder what this Sunnyside Gardens homeowner was thinking.

Meanwhile, the Matthews flats, much less altered, remain unlandmarked.


Anonymous said...

The Mathew Flats are working class and immigrant.

The LPC law does not apply to those people.

Anonymous said...

You should add:

The preservation community does not care for these people.

If these areas (and those people) get landmarked, the whole thing would lose its cache.

Anonymous said...

SG just ate up this year's LPC quota
of designating only one district per borough!

Queens will just have to wait until next year
to see which "deserving" (well connected) nabe
becomes the next historic district.

hasn't Douglaston has just been bumped
to the head of the line to EXTEND their district ?

So will it be 2010 until another
area is designated?

Which one do you suppose that might be ?

How about the Queensbridge Houses....ha, ha !
They resemble SG ....surrounded by nice old trees.

Anonymous said...

If LPC designated the Mathew Flats,
NYC would have to improve their delivery of services.

And that would run contrary to NYC's usual plan
of letting a community rot, turn into a slum,
until it's ripe enough for over development
without any protest from its surrounding residents!

Our City Planning Dept. is great at this!