Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The taking of Main Street 1-2-3

Kaufman Astoria is filming the remake of The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 on location at Woodside Station this week.
So for a little while, you may see the 6 train on the 7 line. How funky.


Anonymous said...

And as our transportation committee rep....
will C.M. John Liu be getting a walk on part
(as a bag man maybe) in this production?

After all he's got plenty of experience
mugging for the cameras.

This could be the start of a new career for him.

Please....anything to get him out of our hair!

His own seems to be thinning out a bit
after viewing his last "screen test" .

But his chubby cheeks are very cute.

They remind me of Brando stuffing cotton balls
into his mouth to enhance his portrayal
of Don Vito in "The Godfather".

dave in milwaukee said...

Idiots. Why try to fix what isn't broken? Didn't they learn their lesson with the piece of sh*t 1998 made-for-TV remake of the same film?

Besides being a superb thriller with an outstanding cast, the original is classic period piece that perfectly captures New York in a time (1974) when lawlessness reigned supreme, and an insane crime like this one was imaginable (other films that perfectly capture that same era: Death Wish, Fort Apache The Bronx, Taxi Driver, The Warriors). Those films were shot on location in NY and the overall hopeless atmosphere could not be faithfully reproduced today.

And John Travolta trying to replicate Walter Matthau's role? Are they serious?

"What do they expect for their lousy 35 cents? To live forever?"
--Caz Dolowicz