Friday, February 22, 2008

Sleds and cocoa

Parks & Recreation Commissioner Adrian Benepe invites New Yorkers to come out to a neighborhood park for some winter fun. White-capped hills around the city are open for sledding, snowman-making and more. Parks & Recreation will provide sleds and hot chocolate at selected locations across the city, while Urban Park Rangers lead nature walks and teach revelers how to find animal prints in the snow.

Between 12PM-4PM:

Queens: Juniper Valley Park, 78th Street and Juniper Valley North


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the offer of a little cocoa Adrian,
but there's a bitter after taste in our cups!

It might have been nice to sip a little hot chocolate
at a picturesque St. Saviour's Park, if you had helped
our community's dream come to pass.

But, alas, our "pol/friends" allowed the owner
of that site to get away with cutting down
all those beautiful (would have been)
winter wonderland trees!

And you, Adrian have aided in poisoning
this dream so I'll be needing something more like
a hot buttered rum instead to console myself.

Very heavy on the rum bartender.

Uh....excuse me Councilman G. ,
I didn't recall inviting you over for a drink.

Isn't Danny boy's your watering hole?

Anonymous said...

It's amazing, the Parks Department can't even rake up leaves from November but they think we need them to meddle into just basic kid stuff like sleigh riding.

Leave us alone Benepe and clean the f'en park you idiot!

Anonymous said...

Dear Whiners:

Had you not been relentlessly attacking me and losing lawsuits against me over the past few years, I'd might feel better about listeing to your bleating.



Anonymous said...

my cup runneth over with hate.

Anonymous said...

It looks like it's that pink SOB of a rapist/councilman
posting again....this time posing as Adrian!

Oh well....
there's little difference between C.M. Gallagher
and Commish "parkie" Benepe.

They're both scum
who are quick to dance to whatever tune
that Bloomberg's real estate band is playing
at the moment!