Monday, February 25, 2008

West Side pipe dreams

The optimistic vision of a glittering new mini-city on Manhattan's far West Side is in danger of dying from uncertain funding, risky financing and lack of coordination, a Daily News investigation reveals.

Moynihan Station plan in jeopardy over finance & coordination

The dream - some critics call it a pipe dream - envisions a neighborhood built over the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's West Side railyards, a relocated Madison Square Garden, an elegant new rail hub to replace dingy Penn Station and a commuter rail tunnel under the Hudson River.

All of these projects are in various stages of development, but despite billions spent by the city, state and developers on studies, land acquisition and architects, no one has figured out who will pay for all of it, or how.

Photo from Daily News


Anonymous said...

Lets hope that it actually becomes a reality.

Anonymous said...

maybe that's why the LPC
rejected the old Pennsylvania Hotel
for designation.

It might stand in the way of "development"!

Anonymous said...

Another developer give-away. Get the convention center expanded, boot Spizer off the project.

How about ground zero ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

You people are not getting it.

Moynihan Station is a GOOD thing. Something to hope for.

Anonymous said...

The punishment
for tearing down the original Penn Station
is for the current eyesore (Madison Square Garden)
to stand in perpetuity as a cautionary reminder....
existing in an eternal architectural HELL !

Who really cares
if the GPO isn't used as the new Moynihan Station
as long as it remains protected from demolition.

I once saw Pat Moynihan
at a local fund raiser that was held
in the old Douglaston golf course clubhouse.

Boy could he handle his liquor like a champ
and still hold his own as a gifted orator.

I miss him and his distinctive style.
They don't make them like that anymore!

Anonymous said...

"The punishment"

Great post.