Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Military families welcome dogs from Iraq at JFK

Two dogs, born in Iraq and adopted by U.S. servicemen, will receive a hero's welcome when they arrive at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport from Baghdad tomorrow.

The dogs, named Liberty and K-Pot, were in Iraq with the unit that adopted them but the unit is moving and can't bring the dogs.

The dogs will meet their new masters, Danielle Berger, of New Jersey, whose brother, a medic, rescued K-Pot. And Amanda Lehneke, of Virginia, whose husband rescued Liberty.

It is the first rescue of dogs from Iraq by the SPCA International.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone becomes a casualty during wartime......
soldiers, families and all civilian non combatants
who watch and wait and pray.

God's innocent creatures also suffer.

It's good to see these four legged angels
are also being cared for.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see these innocent creatures being loved and cared for by our soldiers who need the unconditional love that these dogs are giving them. Its great to see these dogs being united with the families of these soldiers.
We pray for all involved.

Anonymous said...

God Bless our soldiers,the puppies they care for and the families that wait for them.

Anonymous said...

Hey great news: continued killing of Iraqis, continued difficulty for Iraqis who helped Americans getting into the US - but at least we save their stray animals.

'Generous' America indeed.

Anonymous said...

That last commenter had better get a grip
on his unbridled bitterness
before it consumes his soul.

You need some therapy.....
maybe the kind that these rescued animals can give.

Yeah.... I think we all agree with your point
about Iraqis .....
life can suck and WAR IS HELL
but do take some time to smell the roses.

You're at war with yourself.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's not the first. Two others that you can read about on SPCA's site are Cinnamon and Charlie...