Thursday, February 28, 2008

World safe for now

Finally, he has gotten off the pot:

I’m Not Running for President, but ...

Well, hallelujah! And to make himself more irrelevant, Bloomberg Says He Will Not Endorse Anyone for Mayor in the 2009 Democratic Primary


Anonymous said...

This is very dissapointing. Running for president would have

a) gotten his sorry ass out of NYC
b) wasted billions of his dollars for nothing
c) humiliated him

Sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...

boo fucking hoo..

So now what will poor Kevin Sheeky do now that he can't work on hizdisonor's campaign on OUR FUCKING DIME? Will he actually have to do work that benefits the city? Or is that so beneath him that hisdishonor will create a position for him at his corporation alongside Dr. Dan Jerkoff?

What will poor Pat Brenan do now that he isn't briging hisdishonor's dollars in the darkside group anymore? Will he be able to stay there, or will his worthless ass have to go back to CAU? Maybe Nazli could get him a catering job so he can wear the cute pink apron and serve hisdishonor some fucking cake and tea?

Anonymous said...

Won't Mr. Mayor officially thank the people of New York for financing his now- aborted campaign?

Why should we spend his billions when he can take money from working class new yorkers instead?

Hey mike, if you aren't spending our money, Sheeky's schedule should be published. Otherwise you're an obvious liar and thief. But what else should we have expected from someone from Boston?
I bet you secretly rooted for the pats, you bum.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha !

A new political vaudeville act is in in the making.

"Bloomberg & Perot".....
song and dance team....odd jokes and funny sayings!

A poor man might be called "senile"....
but a rich one can always claim "eccentricity"!

Anonymous said...

I would've rather had him as Pres than McCain, Obama, or Hilary... which isn't saying much, admittedly.