Tuesday, February 19, 2008

When it comes to Elmhurst, anything goes

Hey, want to open a business in your garage without getting a new C of O? Live on a heavily travelled street? Well, if you live in Elmhurst, it's no problem. Go right ahead. This 1-family house at 80-11 57th Avenue did just that, right out in the open. When I Googled the place, I came up with this:

New York
Kerasulan Katolik Indonesia New York (KKINY). Dipelopori oleh beberapa keluarga di tahun 1985, organisasi ini mengadakan misa kudus dari rumah ke rumah para anggotanya. Kini jumlah anggota KKI-NY lebih dari 400 orang. Kegiatan yang dilakukan secara rutin adalah Misa Kudus bersama sebulan sekali tiap minggu kedua, persekutuan doa tiap hari jumat minggu ketiga, doa rosario, dan beberapa macam kegiatan yang lain. Bersama dengan KKI-NJ (Kerasulan Katolik Indonesia - New Jersey), organisasi ini berada dibawah naungan CMO (Catholic Migration Office) di keuskupan Brooklyn yang membawahi 27 kerasulan dari berbagai negara di dunia. Sekretariat: 80-11 57th Ave, Elmhurst, NY 11373, tel: (718) 426-3113. Email: kkiny@msn.com...

Got that?


dave in milwaukee said...

For further proof of what a considerate neighbor this property owner is, check out the driveway: collection of leaves and trash; rusted-out 80's beater with flat tire, probably hasn't run (or been moved from that spot) in at least 12 years).

Anonymous said...

Now, now. This is part of the great mosaic. Please move on.

Anonymous said...

The DOB: Bringing the third world to your doorstep.

Queens Crapper said...

Dave, I think that belongs to the attached house next door. But the loose bricks on the wall are an interesting choice.

dave in milwaukee said...

Maybe they're for throwing at nosy DOB or INS inspectors?

Anonymous said...

At least the sign is in English
and we know what business (maybe)
is being conducted here.

In Flushing the signs in Chinese
might be advertising a whore house
and we'd never know it!

And if we'd ask C.M. Liu's office for a translation,
we'd probably be accused of being anti Asian!

Anonymous said...

This entire area is running against the CO rules. Everyone is converting their garages into bedrooms and putting up walls with doors - all illegal I might add.

They get away with it by paying a fine, submitting an architectual drawing and it becomes legal. Many of these homes are illegally converted upon being bought and the CO is self-certified for 2 family - thereafter there is no turning back as they are legally sold as 2 family homes - although infrastructure wise they do not meet the standard for a 2 family!

We got to stop this - but how? Complaints to DOB go unanswered?

Anonymous said...

Unheeded complaints are all SOP
in a red-lined vibrant mosaic neighborhood.

We can't afford to alienate
these loyal tweeded clubhouse voters now....can we?

They're not really breaking just bending the law a trifle.

Joe Crowley just says, to "Let it pass".

Anonymous said...

Vibrant! blahblahblahblah Diverse! blahblahblahblah Great Investment blahblahblahblah Elmhurst great community! blahblahblahblah Most immigrants in any census district! blahblahblahblah America tomorrow! blahblahblahblah

Anonymous said...

does "organisasi" mean orgasm?
(sorry, just being silly)

Anonymous said...

Well... at least it looks cute!

Anonymous said...

It's a fine example of how to push the envelope big time. Today this opens, tommarrow non-profit churches open next door. Some folks in this area have welding shops run out of their garages and others are warehouses for their take-out shops. Most are jammed packed with 12-14 folks of all ages under ageis of the same family and others are out-right dorms - beds in every room - some that cater to child care and others practicing for pay - pre-child relief of single peasants.

This is spreading and fanning out like wild fire from entrenched Elmhurst straight into and deeply into Middle Village, Maspeth and Glendale.

Anonymous said...

Democratic Dictionary:

Astoria - West Elmhurst

Anonymous said...

Having contact with these people I have found them disinclined to do anything about the abuse of political power or the myraid of quality of life issues in the community.

When you try to have a serious discussion, they turn goofy and start to giggle a lot.

If I was an elected official, I would love to have goofy gigglers in my community. (hello Mr Sabini, giggle giggle)

Hell of a lot better than some quality of life nut.