Sunday, February 24, 2008

Affordable housing much less likely

Hmmm...Queens West, Willets Point, Atlantic Yards, Downtown Brooklyn...they may never see "affordable housing" (which I think is defined differently for each project):

Is the Creation of Affordable Housing in Jeopardy?

The truth is that if 1 million units of housing weren't tied up in rent regulation, we wouldn't even be having this discussion. But it's a vital component of the tweeding process. How do you convince communities that eminent domain and overdevelopment are good if you don't include the "affordable housing" catch phrase?

Photo from Brownstoner


Anonymous said...

There is a quick fix answer to subsidized housing such as rent stablization. Many folks in apartments with rs make big $$ and pay a pittance for a place that otherwise would be coveted by lower middle income family. Lower the earnings ceiling to qualify RS anyone above the new ceiling is off it and pays immediate market rate. Do you remember Mia Farrow lived in a sprawling RS apartment with 14 rooms on CPW for $900 - they changed the earning ceilings and she wound up paying $12K and still there. We must stop giving a pass to the wrong people.

Anonymous said...

#1. The government is here to help you.

#2. Your check is in the mail.

#3. I promise not to ---- in your mouth.

(Now you can add the following
to that classic list
of the 3 most often broken promises).

#4. Affordable housing will be provided
in our new development.

And did I just hear someone whisper
"the creation of new jobs" ? the pig's eye!