Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Queens getting 6 new high schools!***

*** But read the fine print

Queens getting 6 new high schools

Many of the new schools - like Queens Collegiate, which will open on the campus of Jamaica High School - share space at existing schools. As the small school grows one grade per year, the larger school often struggles to accommodate everyone, Haimson said.

"They should be creating more facilities," said Haimson. "Instead they keep squeezing more and more small schools into already overcrowded schools."

(Notice there's no mention of the ones that were closed)


Anonymous said...

Epidemic levels of over development
can be witnessed everywhere along the horizon.

The much more needed "over development ",
or at least beefing up, of our existing school system
and infrastructure is nowhere to be seen!

Pack 'em in....let it rot....
is the credo of our real estate industry
strangled city!

Putting the cart before the horse
(development first and infrastructure later)
seems to be making a lot of Bloomberg's rich boys even wealthier!

No matter....today's uneducated 2nd grader
makes tomorrow's "tweeded" voter.
And the cycle goes on.
Keep 'em comin' and keep 'em dumb!

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, the SCA (School Construction Authority) went through hell and back to get a high school proposition approved by the community on the Forest Hills, Glendale border.
The local communities should NEVER, EVER question additional NYC public schools being built in their community.

Anonymous said...

Oh the newspapers will show happy polticians, with a gaggle of immigrant children, and banner headlines about all these 'new' schools.

Never of course saying that its all smoke and mirrors - they are just dividing the old buildings into several entities, but there are no new desks.

They must think people from Queens are stupid.