Tuesday, February 26, 2008

FDNY to access building records

A high-tech program will soon let FDNY crews rushing to fires instantly download the layouts of burning buildings and give street cops quick access to suspects' fingerprints.

The city is putting the finishing touches on a $500 million wireless network, dubbed NYCWiN, that will cover 70 percent of the Big Apple's streets by April and 95 percent by summer.


"In the future," Cosgrave added, "we will be able to provide pictures of the buildings, layout of the buildings, blueprint of the building that sort of thing."

And with all the illegal conversions and work without permits ignored by the Department of Buildings, I am sure that info will always be accurate.


Anonymous said...

They're really going to be up to date on the floor plans that have been amended by illegal alterations, for instance, in a Tommy Huang building.... ha, ha, ha !

A closet could be indicated on the blueprint but upon opening the door, you might find a stairway to an underground area which had been excavated after building plans were filed with the DOB!

Anonymous said...

I had a tneant who built an illegal wall in his apartment. I made him tear it down. God forbid there was a fire or worse and firefighters couldn't get access to trapped people.

It's a shame no one follows rules anymore. Good idea, but a day late and a dollar short. Basing an evacuation plan on old blueprints is dangerous.