Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tale of the Queens diva

Before I could code this photo essay for posting, Curbed beat me to it.

Mrs. Diva Will Park Wherever She Damn Well Pleases


ken said...

New York's Finest

Anonymous said...

Maybe she's a "Finest's" bimbo !

Anonymous said...

Its that Matilda Coumo's car ?

Anonymous said...

I spoke with a traffic officer yesterday who passed by this car. According to her, "The new 2008 stickers haven't come in yet, so we cannot ticket the diva for her 2007 parking pass."

When I pointed out that the 2007 parking pass is a photocopy and not the real thing, the officer simply ignored this fact.
The officer also ignored the fact that it's almost March, and using a 2007 parking pass this late in the season is in blatant disregard of the law.

Anonymous said...

At least you tried. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Try calling up the NYPD Internal Affairs Division.

They're the quality control unit
that polices our police department.

That cop you spoke to
may not know what he's talking about
(or worse....not doing his job) !

Anonymous said...

I called 311 to report this car.

Anonymous said...

At least with a 311 call you've got a case number
which you can pass along to Internal Affairs Div.
should you need to later on.

Way to go! Always keep a paper trail!

Anonymous said...

Get rid of all plackards and we won't need congestion pricing.

This is a disgrace. Especially if nothing gets done about it.