Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cellular concern

Dear Queenscrap Blog:

I read a story on your website about a neighborhood blocking the installation of a cell tower. My first thought was that it may have just been an eyesore. Then I actually started reading articles on the internet (I know, a possibly dangerous thing) about these cell sites. I was shocked to find the possible negative health ramifications of being in such close proximity to these towers.

The reason I'm writing you? Well, my building is covered with large transmitters and several cell towers on the roof of my building. I have lived in Sunnyside for nearly 11 years and have never had any problems, until the installation of this mess a couple years ago. I didn't even know what they were upon installation (as the building owner NEVER notified the building that this was going to occur) and naively thought it would only disturb my Sprint cell phone service if they were ATT towers. Well, recently this installation has gone into high gear and my apartment vibrates and has a certain doppler sound traveling in the air almost 24 hours a day. Imagine if you were sitting next to a powerful vibrating chair. You feel like you're being zapped with energy non-stop.

So why my long rant? I'm hopeful that you can provide me with any information that you might have on the dangers of these cell sites and what possible rights I may have in getting these things removed (it's clear the FCC has no interest in helping). ANY help is greatly appreciated. Below are the articles that I've read and I can also send you pictures of my building if you would like. Although, if you want to see first-hand, my address is 42-15 43rd Avenue. On the southwest corner of the building you will see red transmitters and on the east side of the building you will see large silver transmitters going up the building. Also, on top of the building you will see on the southwest and southeast corners of the building have the cell towers. I am told by other people in the building that there are also HUGE transmitters on the rooftop (which I actually witnessed the crane sending up to the roof one day and had no idea what they were). It won't be hard to see the building, as it is the only one in the neighborhood to have these damn things (also suspicious).

The Radiation Poisoning Of America

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Thank you in advance for any aid you can provide.


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