Friday, February 22, 2008

NYC tourism for locals

ISLAND hopping in the Caribbean is fine, if you have the time, money and sunscreen, but there is an alternative in New York: a trip to islands known (at least for the next 900 words) as the Five Borough Antilles. It takes just a weekend, and you’ll pay less than $20 for transportation on a trip that departs from New York, N.Y., hits ports of call in New York, N.Y., and returns to New York, N.Y.

Island Hopping Without Leaving the City

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

I dunno....
these look like a bunch of houseboats
just waiting to float away
during the next major storm surge!

Abandon ship !
Women and children first
and it's every man for himself !

Anonymous said...

Beep Marshall is forever trying
to come up with new themes to encourage tourism
in our borough.

What about a corruption junket to Queens....
snacks and cheap hot sheets motel
accommodations included in the package?

We can begin our tour with Donald Manes'
old office at borough Hall and
hand out play money bribes as souvenirs.

Helen can sit in the "retired #7 redbird car",
and be our guide.....sign autographs.
and do a power point show
of all our demolished historical sites.

Our next stop might be Mc Lauglin's former home
near Bowne Park, then a glimpse of
Tommy Huang's house in the swamp
just outside Doug Manor on and so forth.

We have so much to offer
our foreign visitors to the "Big Apple".

Hell.....QHS has their "Freedom Trail"
now we can offer "The Crooks' Tour" of Queens!

Terri Osborne and Marge Markey
might even collaborate
on doing a brief promotional film
on the subject.

Wadda ya say....sound good? !!!

Oops....did I forget C.M. Gallagher's district office?

A thousand pardons.