Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brooklyn folk get the green

The two renderings above show a sprawling 28-acre park being pushed for the Brooklyn waterfront, including the purchasing of sites that are currently privately owned and a massive environmental cleanup ($$$$$). (Top is from NY Magazine, bottom from Curbed). Incidentally, these would be built on top of UNDERGROUND power plants.

With all the development going on there, they're going to need a lot of park space. Compare this to LIC, where there is also a lot of development, but not much in the way of green space. And there's no shortage of power plants there.


Anonymous said...

I disagree.

There's plenty of "green" in LIC.

Unfortunately it's lining the pockets
of Crowley's clubhouse!

Every time you walk past a political
stooge like "Liu-ee the liar" or "Valloney baloney"....
think of all the unseen parkland
that's growing inside their wallets!

Anonymous said...

Gee, let me go over to the community blogs at Queens West and and see if there are any discussions about the private land grab of the waterfront by political cronies.

Naw, nothing like that. But plenty of restaurant reviews with highlights on that unique southwestern flavor that increasingly charactorizes western Queens.

And I bet you thought you had to got to Corona or the Bronx for hispanic food.

Yuppies LOVE that stuff!

Now lets see if they raise their families in those communities.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Blend yet? Is a latin fusion resturant that opened up a few weeks ago in LIC. It one of my new favorites in the area.

Queens Crapper said...

No, but I have been to El Mundo Discount. You should check it out.