Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Crappus interruptus in Astoria

Angry NYer has chronicled FUTURE CRAP: Present and Future Astoria Shit.

It is an abandoned crap construction site that has sat this way for at least 3 years now. The building under construction undermined the foundation of neighboring houses - the owners of which are suing the developers of this rusting pile of shit - which has not seen any work for a long time now. How long will this abandoned, unsafe ‘lookout platform’ remain in place?


Anonymous said...

Typical, adjacent property owners have to resort to civil litigation because the disfunctional DOB does not do their job.

Anonymous said...

Why is DOB Commissioner Lancaster not having this garbage removed? DOB can and must remove this violation and bill or sue the owner/developer for the removal and for whatever costs are incurred for repairing entirely the neighboring properties.

The bitch can call the cops on a critic who writes, but will not left a finger on a violator who pays.

Where's her Commissar Master, Bloomberg? What's he doing to manage DOB?

Get off your lazy, arrogant ass, Bloomberg!

Anonymous said...

Community board 1, the community board from hell.

Anonymous said...

Gee, would love to post about this on, but they are banning serious development concerns.

Of course, if you want to extol the virtures of the latest third world dining experience (on what used to be a major shopping district) that tastlessly plasters its fascade with posters on salsa clubs (looks like Elmhurst, smells like Elmhurst, then it must BE Elmhurst), then go right ahead.

Just a few steps from EL MUNDO DISCOUNT, an upscale shopping excercise that must be seen to be believed.

Anonymous said...
A typical quote:

OMG, this is great news. I was wondering what that place was going to be, and I have been wishing a good Mexican place would come over to our area.


I see the same breathless text when a new Greek restaurant opens, too!

God forbid they discuss anything serious on that board. Just like everything Astoria, the paper, the community board, what passes for civics in that community, they do little but shuffle deckchairs on the Titanic as their community slips under the water.

Anonymous said...

They should send a food reporter out to Jamaica Ave, Main Street, and Roosevelt Ave to review those 'restaurants', too.

When you grow up in Bismark ND, NY can be a charming place.

Queens Crapper said...

Wow, who's this Adam guy who writes so eloquently and is opposed to this censorship? I like his style.

Anonymous said...

WTF is that ?
It looks like the Splish-Splash water slide tower off the LIE at exit 71 !

Unknown said...

this has been there for at least 5 years

Anonymous said...

Gee, would love to post about this on, but they are banning serious development concerns.

Attention Astorians!

Please post this on Astorians. com.
If they give you a hard time let this board know.

Anonymous said...

I pass that piece of crap every day on my way to work. As for the DOB--stick a fork in them they're done. My neighbor has been calling in complaints everyday for dangerous work in my building, illegal work on the holidays, work that shakes and vibrates our 100-year old tenement and all the complaints are listed "resolved" (with the help of large bribes). When my building collapses, some low-level grafter will become the sacrificial lamb.

daveed said...

Queens Crapper: You might find more open discussion at

All topics welcome there; censorship certainly is not.