Saturday, February 23, 2008

Intentional foreclosure


A state senator from Queens deliberately went into mortgage foreclosure to see what the experience was like - and complained that her bank was at fault for being slow in telling her she might lose her Jamaica home.

Sen. Shirley Huntley said she stopped making $2,000-a-month payments in November to verify the mortgage horror stories her constituents told her.

She said she'd planned to pay up when faced with a deadline.

Huntley said that her family was served with foreclosure papers on Feb. 7 and that she agreed to pay all arrears and fees by the March 11 deadline.

I think Shirley and Helen share the same hairdresser (and brain).


Anonymous said...

Doesn't this affect her credit rating? Sounds moronic to me.

Anonymous said...

Nice comment on the hairdo but not necessary. This woman is trying to understand what her constituents are going through and possibly help and all you an do is comment on her hair?

I haven't seen one other politician do this for their people.

How rude.

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, Eric Gioia lived off food stamps for a week. I don't see how this woman did anything for her people or knows what they are going through. She will get to keep her house in the end. They won't. Another political stunt.

Anonymous said...

and for my next stunt I will find out first hand how it feels to have my home burglarized by a dastardly villian!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Leroy, why don't you crawl through the window and put a good scare into Shirley?

Anonymous said...

what's the matter....Senator Huntley
didn't believe her constituents in the first place
when they told her that they were going through hell
in this current foreclosure nightmare?

I guess that she just couldn't resist the temptation
to politically grandstand.....
appearing to "get on down" with the less fortunate.

Like...."Hey I'm one of you now
and I understand your pain".

Puh-leeze stop pulling our legs!

Does that now make her the heroine/home girl
of her hood?

Maybe Shirly should have kept an eye on
the sub-prime storm headed her constituents way.

A little early warning from her office
could have kept some of them
in their homes instead of on the street with bad credit ratings!

She must have had an inkling
of an indication beforehand......everybody else did.

Did she attempt to point her finger at the banking/real estate industry for their bad behavior?

Probably not.

Has anyone looked up
her campaign contributors
to see if any of them were these same
banker bastards that put everyone in "the soup"
in the first place?

And Beep Marshall wears her bangs a little higher.

Anonymous said...

I would love to, Merph, and also get arrested and share the experience of what jail is like in order to be closer to my people. But I won't fit through the window...

georgetheatheist said...

Hey Leroy, how IS that diet coming along anyhow? How much avoirdupois have you shed since announcing your fasticuffs?

We Light Up Queens said...

This is the equivalent of trying to see what drowning feels like.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at ACRIS:

Shirley L. Huntley.

Is there a story here?

Anonymous said...

True dat!

Now if she doesn't look like a constipated
nasty old bitch.

Maybe it's all of that developers' money
that's stuffed up her "suitcase"!