Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lame ducks seek continued employment

With 36 members of the City Council being forced out of office next year due to term limits, the election of 2009 could be the biggest and most expensive to hit New York.

At least 45 New Yorkers already are amassing campaign war chests to run for council seats and many more are expected to enter races in the coming months. One political consultant who is advising council candidates says he has identified more than 300 candidates he expects to run in 2009.

The early start to council campaigning and fund-raising efforts mirrors the early start to this year's presidential race, with local candidates saying they want to put fund raising behind them so they can focus on campaigning as the city election nears.

Scramble Set for Council - More Than 300 Seen Making Bids in 2009

The Daily News has the complete rundown:

Council lame ducks flock to new roles

Photo from Gotham Gazette


Anonymous said...

Take a look at that rogues' gallery of misfits!

Just when you thought you were safe
from bastards like Gallagher, Katz, Liu and the like,
they're being sent back to the political manufacturing plant to be refitted, re-issued
and turned loose on the public,
to screw us once again!

It's not like we can choose to boycott
these substandard political products.

They're being rammed down our throats
and up our asses!

We're being stuck with these lemons
for another round!

Put on the iron girdle of term limits
and it seems that a determined sleazy politico
will just find another way to get into our pants!

Anonymous said...

that borough president job will be opening up soon. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you don't like what you're given- run for office! Don't just sit there complaining. With term limits, here's your chance to run.

Anonymous said...

to be honest, I occasionally consider what it might be like to be in politics, but then I get to considering how the system works. A person gets elected to office and has a bunch of sound ideas about how things might be improved for residents. But in a short matter of time this newly elected official is taken in by the presiding clubhouse and made to accord to their ways. I'm probably exaggerating here, but overall I think this is generally how things go down. This isn't to say that I've given up trying to make an impact, but just that I'll seek to do so from the sidelines, with all the rest of you, which may prove effective in the end. For as they say, "there's strength in numbers," especially with Crappy at the helm!

Anonymous said...

If I do decide to run for office,
can I count on you to fund my entire campaign?

But if you yourself happen to be
one of those political/real estate/developer bastards mentioned earlier.....forget about it!