Wednesday, February 27, 2008

CAU sends cops to protect developer

The Mayor's Community Affairs Unit sent police to St. Saviour's today to make sure the developers' efforts to demolish the church were not impeded, a police source has told Queens Crap. CAU probably got a call from Parkside.

Cops will return at 8am tomorrow and Friday to protect Maspeth Development, LLC and Sano Demolition.

Just thought you would like to know where cops are deployed in the 104th precinct, by whom, and who they are being ordered to protect.


Anonymous said...

Were they afraid of somebody inciting a riot
and hanging one of those big burly
(maybe mobbed-up)
demolition crew workers from the steeple?

Anonymous said...

When did the CAU change it's name
to the Developer's Assistance Unit (DAU) ?

Is Ms. Manley seeking an order of protection
from the citizens of Maspeth ?

Anonymous said...

As Norman Siegel once said
about a platoon of 14 cops deployed
to make sure that things didn't get out of hand
with a 5'6" female activist
holding a demonstration to save Ft. Totten,
"They're not here to protect you".

Using public money for the NYPD
to protect a private developer
who's sacking St. Saviour's....
and who could well afford his own armed guards
is simply criminal!

It only shows how this administration
keeps spitting on all New Yorkers!

Anonymous said...

back on Holloween Crappy posted an old NYT's article from 1900 in which a bunch of residents from Maspeth got out shotguns when there was a report of trouble in the community.

Just an observation.

Anonymous said...

We all thought Jennifer Manley was on our side when she wrote for the Queens Chronicle, attended preservation events, & complimented the preservationists, despite being a journalist. This is solid evidence she has her lips glued to you know who.....

St. saviour's ought to be rebuilt at All Faiths Cemetery. It will pay homage to our ancestors and all saints who fought to protect our heritage. It will say "screw you" to the LPC, CAU, Mayor Gloomie, lying cheating bastard Pinky, Parkside Group, etc. We're a grand step further. Comments?

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love it !

The community is being gang raped
and the cops are called in
to protect the gang bangers from the victim!

How twisted can it get ? !!!

Anonymous said...

Porky Pinky probably called in the pigs!

Anonymous said...

are you fucking kidding me? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

I was originally a little put off by the whole noose thing.. didn't think that was a good idea, but you know what. .. I was wrong, the protestors are right.

Some people really do deserve to be hanged.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer Manley,

RESIGN, you worhtless ho.

Anonymous said...

Fucking disgusting. Proof positive that the police & city government only are there to protect big money interests, not communities.

If they show up with a bulldozer, it should be set on fire. If not, well, tha crappy little bus they got there will make for some good evening news burning up...

Anonymous said...

bless this blog for giving folks a place to discuss this outrage. I cringe at the thought of how our henpecked local newspapers will be handling the topic tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Why don't the cops check the green cards of Sano's 'employees'

Anonymous said...

Somebody put in a call to "ICE"....
Immigration and Customs Enforcement
if you want to see a real police action.

They'll cart away any illegals without green cards
who might be working for Sano!

Anonymous said...

Ridgewood 104 cops likley wont hurt anybody, they likley feel the same way.
HOWEVER this is whats next way to break the law when the "bastards that be" start getting scaired knowing the cops are fed up as well.

It has started in California where the cops are overburdaned. The polititions, movie stars, big companys are bringing in Israeli Commandos. They get paid HUGE $$ to “move people” have a camp, full training range with machine guns in Malibu.

They push and attack people, photographers, protesters on the street and can not be prosecuted because they are technically “US Government Allies”.
To join the security firm and make the big $$ you must be Israeli and give 5 years to the Israeli army.

There could very well be plans to use these people to clear the iron triangle (if people wont leave)This this isn’t a joke. Google key words.
This is what’s next for NYC

Anonymous said...

It's valid to want to save a church but no decent human being would post a comment referring to a public official as a "worhtless ho" (sic). If the operators of this blog have any decency at all they'd remove it, or at least allow this post to stand along with it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous states: "It's valid to want to save a church but no decent human being would post a comment referring to a public official as a worhtless ho (sic)."

Loyal Citizen's response: Names that are inappropriate among themselves, I don't see why they wouldn't be appropriate for elected officials who:
1. Act on behalf of their own interests and turn their back and screw their constituents
2. Are in cohoots will the illegal activities of developers
3. Are heavily funded by developers through campaign contributes, or bribes in simple English
4. Say the hell with $ of taxpayers
5. Rape the community of its heart

Anonymous said...

It's valid to want to save a church but no decent human being would post a comment referring to a public official as a "worhtless ho"


You may have a point there.

'Worthless shit' is more appropiate.


Anonymous said...

Democratic Dictionary:

Worthless shit: someone who's salary is paid by the taxpayers and in return bullshits them.

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of the disturbing relationship between the media and the developers.

Suggested to the mainline preservation community that this be examined.

They are not interested as the 'see' nothing wrong with this.

Besides, it would interfer with them contacting our elected officials (and giving them awards) behind our back.

Anonymous said...

the Community Assistance Unit (CAU)
recently changed its name
to the Community Affairs Unit.

I guess they felt guilty for not providing
the community with any real ASSISTANCE!