Saturday, February 23, 2008

The great Albany bloat

The Empire State's Legislature employs more people than any other state legislature in the nation.

The state Assembly and Senate totaled 3,428 staff members during its busiest period in 2003, the most recent year for which the National Conference of State Legislatures has employment data. That number is nearly 500 more than the second highest state, Pennsylvania, and it's more than 45% more than either California or Texas, the two most populous states in the union.

Staff Size in Albany Dwarfs That of Other States


Anonymous said...

And what is Senator Toby Ann Stavisky's
share of that pie?

She looks like she eats all of it!

H-m-m-m let's see.....
a 24 hour make up artist/cosmetician
to make her ugly puss acceptably "photogenic".

By this we mean
so she shouldn't scare the crap out of our kids!

And, of course,
a photographer that has to keep on replacing
broken lenses after every shot!

Wow....that's got to cost!

verdi said...

It seems the ship of state has been outdone
by the b(l)oat of state government.

I wonder just what would happen
in a broadside exchanged between two vessels like
Sen Stavisky and Condi Rice?

Acording to Archimedes'
principles on floatation....
Toby weighs more than the water she displaces
and Condi weighs less.

Where does that leave us now?

Anonymous said...

Marge Markey deserves all the staff and help she can get, sic

Needless to say with Gov Spitzer on board the staffing number will shoot sky high.

Anonymous said...

The one redeeming factor is that they are extremly low paid.
New York State political aide's are known as some of the lowest paid public service employees in the nation.