Thursday, February 28, 2008

Developer breaks promise to HDC

Maspeth Development, LLC agreed to donate the 50th anniversary bell that hung in the tower of St. Saviour's to the Historic Districts Council. I'll let my friends take it from here:

...but when the volunteers who were going to get the bell got to the church, there was no bell to be found.

Saint Savior's Being Demolished; Salvage Efforts Thwarted


Anonymous said...

The developers likely sold it to line their pockets.

Anonymous said...

... and why could not the bell have been donated to a historical society or some group in QUEENS?

Anonymous said...

...probably sold it to a scrap metal dealer for a few measely bucks, the stupid creeps!

Anonymous said...

There's another story
that's been floating around.

Was it removed by some firemen
who were merely continuing that
long tradition of "liberating" property?

Somebody saw a fire truck at the site
just prior to the bell disappearing.

Should this turn out to be true....
they're not deserving of that hero image
reserved for 9-11 responders....
just a bunch of common thieves!

Anonymous said...

First the developer breaks our balls.
Now he steals our bell!

I'd put in a call to the art crimes unit of the NYPD
and keep a watcful eye on the e-bay market!