Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gioia MIA in Dutch Kills but on top of G-Spot

From the Queens Gazette:

Councilmember Eric Gioia, whose district includes Dutch Kills, was not in attendance. His absence was noted scornfully by several people, and his legislative aide, Elgeo Harris, had to endure a fusillade of shouts and groans as he tried to read a letter from Gioia that expressed his concern for the community and its plight.

Rumor has it that the doorman's union wants to revoke Eric's membership. Anyway, he was probably staking out the G-Spot:

"There was a sexually explicit logo on the wall," Gioia said of the ornate G logo, which was drawn in such a way as if to suggest that the letter was being penetrated.

"I find it hard to take anything they say seriously," said Councilman Eric Gioia (D-Sunnyside), who lives two blocks from the location.

Ditto for you, Eric. (In the councilman's backyard, controversial establishments are bad; in Dutch Kills he hardly cares.)


Anonymous said...

Somebody ought to lose one of their boots
up footman/doorman Gioia's ass!

I'd like to volunteer.

What's that you say....
a lot of people are standing in line
for that privilege.

How about holding a lottery?

In the meantime I'm polishing up
my pointed toe Italian loafers.....
the kind you use to step on cockroaches
in a corner !

Anonymous said...

He sure is good at packin' it in .....
food in his face and developers' cash in his pockets!

But what does he do for his constituents?

That was merely a rhetorical question.

I think we already know the answer!

Anonymous said...

Remember when the three tenors, Eric, Peter, and Michael, hid for a few days during the blackout, then, with a friendly press, emerged without criticism and pointing fingers at Con Ed.

This is what happens when you have the press in your pocket in Queens.

You can do anything you want and be secure that the public will be not informed, or if angry, mislead to get them off your back.

Anonymous said...

thought only republicans wore red ties.

Anonymous said...

Team Gioia would wear the Bloods or Latin King colors if it advanced their career.

Like Walter McC, who left us with the Queens Plaza entertainment zone, the demage they do will become apparent years after they have gone on to other things.

Afterall, what can you expect from someone who gave away our waterfront to developers, mislead the public on Con Ed (and encourages even more stress on the power grid with build! build! build!), said nothing about closed firehouses or inadequate school desks in his district as they build! build! build!, sat on the fence (showing real leadership in the eyes of the building industry) as SSG tried to landmark, remains quiet as plans are underway for massive buidling on the Sunnyside Yards, and stood idly by while Hunter Point and Dutch Kills are being displaced (no sympathy for the latter, because their mess arose from greed that backfired)

Anonymous said...

BTW, unlike the silly legislation proposed by Phoney Valony, can anyone remember significant legislation this young man passed on city council?

Cassie said...

I'm sorry, but you've got to give Gioia props for the G-spot situation.

I used to live directly behind that club they were hoping to open. The owners were very evasive, saying they only wanted to open a family restaurant. Nothing about a club. Now, all of a sudden, they say they're going to change their minds and open a family restaurant.

I -- and dozens of my neighbors -- attended a community board meeting to see what the G-Spot's owners were planning to open. They had lawyered up and very annoyed to get questions from the people who lived there. Rolling their eyes, crossing their arms, and sighing loudly. They were not open to the community.

I'm a reporter, and took extensive notes.

And the neighborhood already has HUGE nightlife problems because of the billiards place on Barrnett and 48th. Loud music, loud people, kids throwing up outside my bedroom window, fights at three am.


Gioia's office was very responsive to my neighbors and me. And for the sake of my former neighbors, I hope the G-spot never opens.

You try living there.

Anonymous said...


Gioia's "G" spot is up his ass....especially
when the real estate boys are stuffin' money up there!

Anonymous said...

Gioia's office was very responsive to my neighbors and me. And for the sake of my former neighbors, I hope the G-spot never opens.

"I find it hard to take anything they say seriously," said Councilman Eric Gioia (D-Sunnyside), WHO LIVES TWO BLOCKS FROM THE LOCATION.

'nuff said...

Anonymous said...

Councilman Eric Gioia didn't show up to the meeting because his aid, Elgeo Harris, called him on the cell phone and said there were no cameras at the meeting. Eric went out to eat with his number one squeeze.

True... ask anyone who was there.

Anonymous said...